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  1. telecommand

    WWF Wrestlemania - Revision differences?

    Just received a WWF Wrestlemania PCB which is showing rev 1.20 8/2/95 I understand there is a 1.30 out there (seems to be what everyone is playing on MAME etc.) Are there any differences in the revisions I should worry about? Are they just bug fixes mostly or do they add something major I'm...
  2. telecommand

    WTB: WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game (FOUND)

    No longer required - I have found and bought one :)
  3. telecommand

    Bought my first Model 2 board and I have no idea what I'm doing! Please help!

    I bought a House of the Dead board set! :D I have no idea how all of these parts connect up! 8| Please help me! This is what I bought - currently on its way to me now: I understand how the main board connects to the I/O board. Pretty sure the top-right PCB marked "1." is the gun + video...
  4. telecommand

    Hello from Auckland, NZ!

    Long time lurker, first time poster. Hello from Auckland! Mainly here for RGB's projects. Got my name down for a HAS supergun and now nervously waiting for that email... the worst part is not knowing! New to the arcade scene! Scored a full kit of Vampire Savior CPS2 recently and eyeing up a...