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  1. Breakerpc

    M72 Irem Multi

    Hello Guys, looking M72 Multi in good condition.
  2. Breakerpc

    WTB: Mini cute from Capcom

    Hello, search Mini cute in good to very good condition. Would have to be sent to Germany on pallet. Thank you
  3. Breakerpc

    Wanted: Mini Cute capcom

    Hello, search Mini cute Candy. Thx
  4. Breakerpc

    selling Capcom I/O Board and Jvs Adapter

    Hi , selling Capcom I/0 Board with cables and Adapter for Jamma Games in Jvs Cabinet. Capcom I/O Board 125€ Adapter 125€ Shipping is not included . Location is Germany.
  5. Breakerpc

    RUN AND GUN 2 with Artset

    Hello, selling my Run and Gun 2 with Arts. Game is perfect . 100€ shipping is not included. Shipping from Germany.
  6. Breakerpc

    Futari Another ver. Cave mint sold

    Hello, selling my Futari. Futari Bl with Artset. 820 € shipping is not included . Location is Germany . eBay Name is: breakerpc eBay-Kundennummer: E75997925007-EUR
  7. Breakerpc

    search Panel Overlay for MVS -U4/29

    Hello, search Panel Overlay for MVS-U4/29.
  8. Breakerpc

    Games are not running

    Hello, the Sega St-v multi now has half a year and only 2 games are running. Mutibios ind lcd selektor are connected. He flashes the games and shows them off. But only 2 games of the 50th SD card have been formatted in windows. Have the roll up loaded and copied to the sd. I would like to play...
  9. Breakerpc

    search Panel Overlay and Sidearts for Snk Neo Candy 25

    Hello, search Panel Overlay and Sidearts for Snk Neo Candy 25
  10. Breakerpc

    Problems with some games.

    Hello, some games are not running for me. Dynamite Deka, Final Fight, Radiant Silvergun z.b. not running. Multibios and Game Selector available. Some games are running and some not again.
  11. Breakerpc

    search Pgm with Cave titles

    Search Pgm with Cave titles. Preferably with EspGaluda and Ketsui.
  12. Breakerpc

    Hi from Germany

    Hello everyone, I'm Daniel and I'm from Fürth near Nuremberg.I have Cps2 Multi, Taito F3 Multi, and soon my Sega Stv Multi and Mvs Multi from Darksoft are coming. Thank you for these awesome products Darksoft.