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  1. XeD

    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    This is an interest post for some repro Monkey ball parts. This is a collaboration between Mirko and I. All prices are in USD and shipping is extra. We are hoping to ship late November. I will contact you for payment once they are ready to ship. I don’t want to do pre-order as we will loose on...
  2. XeD

    Need Killer Instinct pcb scan

    Hi, I have a KI that has a blown video ground most likely from pluging into a monitor with isolation. Can anyone take a clear picture of the video ground section by the jamma edge
  3. XeD

    FS/FT CPS3 multi

    For Sale 55.00 (3 5 available) - 128mb simm tested working by writing 3rd strike 50.00 (4 available) - 64mb simm tested working by writing 3rd strike If anyone in Canada that want to get their cart flash to the new Ultrabios (or any publicly available bios) I can do it for 50 CAD+Shipping Sold...
  4. XeD

    Does Sega I/O work on the X2?

    I'm helping a buddy setup his X2. He has a sega i/o a 838-13683-93 and -02. We can't seem to get the kicks working properly. He doesn't have a game for the naomi but in the jvs input test the register. On my end I only have a capcom io and that work. Is his sega io not compatible? He confirmed...
  5. XeD

    Yet another ms2930 question

    I have a MS2930 that work for the most part. With the dip on 15/24 kHz setting thing work find. Once it set to 31khz it goes to shut down. Any idea where to start?
  6. XeD

    MS2930 neck glow but no HV

    Any expert out there out familiar with the Ms2930,31,33 family of chassis? I have 2 MS2930 that have this problem. I have neck glow but no high voltage. Where do I start troubleshooting?
  7. XeD

    Is there any small lcd that can accept cga or vga?

    My psone screen finally died in my portable jamma test rig. Are their any other screen I can use for this? I have a gbs8220 if vga is the only option. Don't want to use another phone screen if there are other/better options
  8. XeD

    Any repair log or flow chart for sega SJ25-0361-01?

    I have 2 SJ25-0361-01 that is missing audio from 1 side. Any insight on where to start or the spec on the AC power so I can rig up a test fixture
  9. XeD

    CPS3 - Converting 32mb simm to 128mb simm with 29f016A-90PFN only

    For a better detail instruction have a look at Yavuzg tutorial Here. My English/grammar not the best so just bear with me. I am no expert by any mean, just some determination and some time to kill. (1) A working 32mb simm as a base. (6) 29f016A-90PFN possibility (8) just incase the bending of...
  10. XeD

    Is there a how to on c board patching?

    I'm looking to patch final fight 30th to use the CPS-B-17 C board so I can save the CPS-B-21 for HF. Is there a good how to on patching rom to use different c board
  11. XeD

    Looking for a dump of d77-15

    I'm asked to do a F3 conversion, but the donor board does not have the D77-15 pal. From my understanding i need the D77-15 to use the 4001 program rom. Does anyone have this file?
  12. XeD

    Where to buy 29f016?

    I have some spare 32mb simm I like to convert to 128mb. Is the a reliable source for the 29016 N ic? I need about 10
  13. XeD

    PGM charging circuit question

    Is the charging circuit the same throughout all pgm revision? I like to put the battery back in my motherboard. I followed the battery mod but, I can't seem to hold high score for more then a month. I have a spare li-on I like to use If I have to use a nicad I can pick one up
  14. XeD

    PC: Final Star Force

    What does one of these go for?
  15. XeD

    My quest to a light up marquee

    After putting in a NeoGeo led marquee kit in my blast, I was told that it got more play. I asked him how he made the panel and he told me to look up edge lighting. I had a small piece of acrylic and decided to prototype. It work well but was time consuming. I had some old led panel light from a...
  16. XeD

    WTB: CPS2 I/O interface or the cps2/3 helper

    I'm slowly finishing off my cps3 digital AV install and realized I need one of these if I want to consolize it. In no hurry
  17. XeD

    FS:CPS3 Superbios 150.00 USD shippped

    I have a handful (8 3)Superbios on the custom sh. (3) has Phillip screws on them while the other (0) have the security bit. Asking 150 USD shipped to Canada/US. These can be flash to any of the public available bios Edit not sure if this is allowed. For Canadians who want the new bios on a...
  18. XeD

    Simpsons pcb vertical line

    I have a simpsons pcb I am working on. It was giving me a flashing white screen but I got it to a playable stat now. Only thing left for me to track down is this 1 vertical red (some time in game play it will be blue) line on the right. If the voltage is 4.5V or below it show up all the time. If...
  19. XeD

    Strikers 1945 III (1999) audio repair

    A buddy of mine droped off a strikers 1945 III with an audio problem. The music was missing, all fx plays fine in game and test menu. I located the DAC YAC516-M (U39) The digital side seemed fine. It's nice to hear the audio through the logic probe. On the analog side I did not get any signal...
  20. XeD

    PGM mother board repair log

    So I had a converted Espgaluda and motherboard that was giving me this Error. Not familiar with the PGM I clean all connection and looked for broken traces. This did not improve the picture. The odd thing is this issue is only on the espgalude cart on that motherboard (at least from what I can...