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  1. The Spaniard

    [FS] The Spaniard's Jamma Extension Cables

    Gentlemen, The time has come to begin a pre-order offering of The Spaniard's Jamma Extension cables. I've been working on this version since the start of the year but with everything going on it's taken such a long time to come to fruition. I'll be placing orders for all parts and PCB's over...
  2. The Spaniard

    [FS] Beep Ketsui Limited Edition

    Hi guys, I got a Beep Ketsui Limited Edition for sale, It's the complete beep edition. Only 300 made I decided I need the cash instead at the moment. Am asking $285 AUD $250 AUD SOLD on this inc shipping worldwide. If you think my price is off, by all means let me know. I'm all ears...
  3. The Spaniard

    [FS] Capcom Belt Action Collection Complete Box PS4

    Hi guys, I got a Capcom Belt Action Collection for sale, It's the complete box edition. I decided I need the cash instead at the moment. Am asking $430 AUD $350 AUD SOLD on this inc shipping worldwide. If you think my price is off, by all means let me know. I'm all ears. Currently sitting in...
  4. The Spaniard

    [FS] Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables

    Hey guys I've got a run of Version 1.3 1.6 Arcade-Projects Jamma extension cables for sale and ready. Approximately 60/100cm of cable length between the two PCBs, please allow for slight variances due to the hand made nature of each extender. 60cm and 100cm sizes are being offered. 8 PCB feet...
  5. The Spaniard

    [FS] USB GDROM Tray

    Hey guys. I've got this USB GDROM tray for sale unused never fitted. Decided not to go down the USB GDROM route. Asking $10 USD plus shipping.
  6. The Spaniard

    Info on this Dash Board

    Hey guy, can anyone give me any info on this board before I decide to purchase it. I notice some Roms are covered in electrical tape and there seems to be a copper thread on one sticking out.
  7. The Spaniard


    No longer for sale
  8. The Spaniard

    UD Decoders into NAC

    So this is just a little bit of a semi tutorial for noobs like myself that struggle to work things out for weeks on end. It's not going to be the best of setups that can be done, wiring could be neater but it's what it is and works. So I wanted to add the ability to use the UD terminal block...
  9. The Spaniard

    Interest Check: Repro Panels

    Hey guys, Looking to offer some panels for sale. This is more of an interest check to see how many people would like what. Based on total numbers I can then arrange pricing. In the end this may or may not go ahead or be offered but if there is enough interests then something may be done. Some...
  10. The Spaniard

    NLN CPS2 Board Clamps

    Hey guys, Was looking for a set or two of CPS2 board clamps. I do not have any and am in need. Does anyone have any of these that they would like to offer for sale? No Longer Needed
  11. The Spaniard

    Lifted Trace Help

    So I'm really, really depressed right now and looking for some good news to get my multi fixed. Was trying to add the 4 wires to my multi for the key writing when I lifted a trace on one of the pads by accident. Really fell like a turd right now. ;( Hopefully looking for someone local that...
  12. The Spaniard

    Green CPSII Shell

    Hey guys, after a Green CPS2 top and bottom shell if anyone has one. Local preferred can consider international. Bonus if it is an AvP case. Thanks
  13. The Spaniard

    WTB: MGS Copies

    Looking for MGS1 for PS1, MGS 2 Sons of Liberty , MGS2 Substance DVD edition , MGS3 Snake Eater and MGS3 Subsitence for PS2 PAL version. Wanting to find as close to Mint or VGC as possible. If you have these let me know what you have and what you are looking to sell for. Thanks
  14. The Spaniard

    FS/WTT:TurtleBeach Stealth 520 Wireless Gaming Headset PS4/PS3 NEW

    I have a brand new set of TB headset that are NIB sealed that I am looking to sell or trade for something. As in my other sale thread looking for CPS2 Suicided board that was working previously with G pal and the correct revision for the multi but am also after a working Saturn or Dreamcast can...
  15. The Spaniard

    WTT: EU/AU Snes Mini

    Hi guys, I have an AUS/EU Snes Mini NIB unopened that I would be looking to trade. I want to trade for a USA/JAP suicided CPS2 B board that was formally working before suicide with G Pal in Rev 7 or whatever revision is best for the multi. Would also consider an MVS board too but would firstly...