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  1. Lemony Vengeance

    FS: Isolation Transformer harness for The TR Fightstick Mini-cute - $60+shipping

    **UPDATE** Preorders are Closed. All pre-ordered harnesses have either been shipped or have had PM's requesting emails for invoicing. At this point there are 14 remaining, available first come, first served. non-preorder price is $60+shipping. Shoot me a PM and I'll get an invoice to ya :D...
  2. Lemony Vengeance

    [taito type x2] Anyone have a 7300GS in their TTX2 and can dump the bios?

    hey all, I'm looking for the bios for the 7300GS used in some TTX2 boards.. does anyone have the bios from it saved they can share with me, or dose it use the same one as the 7900's?
  3. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: NVS-4000 PSU

    On the hunt for an NVS-4000 power supply. Hit me up if you have one you wanna get rid of.
  4. Lemony Vengeance

    Interest check: P.RAS/AIME home button and card reader harness

    Guys: I have enough mats to make 50 (fifty) total P.RAS/AIME home button and card reader harnesses. These harnesses consist of the following: 1 Home button 'B' harness (2 pin to QD) 1 home button 'A' passthrough harness (cabinet with Diode solution to home button 2 pin, power and gnd to card...
  5. Lemony Vengeance

    SFCtoJAMMA - anyone familiar with this?

    hey all, I'm working on building out an SFCtoJAMMA adapter using MikeJMoffatt's code for a teensy++ 2.0. The info is located here: GitHub - Mikejmoffitt/SFCToJamma: Decodes an SFC/SNES controller into simple inverted output I've downloaded the INO, programmed the teensy, wired everything...
  6. Lemony Vengeance

    Sega naomi - Rhythm Tengoku - Possible translation?

    I know that this is likely going to ruffle some feathers, but has anyone thought about using the GBA english translation in an effort to translate the arcade version of the game? I just bought a Rhythm Tengoku cabinet and would love to see an english translation for the naomi. I figure that a...
  7. Lemony Vengeance

    Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Hey guys! As you may you may not know, I make harnesses and looms for Sega and Taito cabinets as well as various other adapters. I've decided to make a running stock of the basics and I'd like to put them up here for sale :D All prices include paypal fees, and orders over $100 in the USA get...
  8. Lemony Vengeance

    [SOLD] 2 (TWO) 256 MB Netdimms with zeropic - $200 + ship each

    Just like the title says, I have two ONE 256 MB Netdimm on the latest version (4.02) with zeropic ready to send. Asking $200+shipping each. Payment via PP gift or add 4%. NetDimm #1 - @ReplicaX NetDimm #2 - @hackcell
  9. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: Vewlix Marquee holder

    Looking for a marquee holder for my Vewlix L. LMK. :)
  10. Lemony Vengeance

    18 Wheeler upright - Replaced pedal pots and the test screen reads them as working, but in game they won't work.

    just like the title says, I replaced the pots on my pedals with the same values (5K) and they are registering as working in the test screen (I can see the values moving when I press the pedal). but when I test in game, neither the gas nor the brake works. I get the noise in the game like I'm...
  11. Lemony Vengeance

    WTB: Naomi 18 wheeler cart

    Recently picked up an upright 18 wheeler cab and need the cart. I've been netbooting it but I'm not 100% convinced the rom I'm using is good. Hit me up :D
  12. Lemony Vengeance

    Hey guys.... Long time, no chat

    Hey gents, How the hell have you all been? It's been a few months shy of a year since I was last in here with any type of real presence. I mean yeah for a day or two in february but not since then. My life this past 9-10 months has been insane.. definitely not where I ever thought I would be...
  13. Lemony Vengeance

    JVS driver for windows?

    Does anyone else know if there's a JVS driver for windows? I'd like to dual boot into a setup for fightcade on my X2 in my vlx and don't want to use any other HW.
  14. Lemony Vengeance

    FOUND: Taito Type X2 RFID reader

    Hey people. It's official, I'm looking for an RFID reader for my Vewlix. It's a long shot, I know, since they're not common, but if you can point me in the right direction of one, OR if you have one to sell, lemme know!
  15. Lemony Vengeance

    CPS2 multi board issues (and How THOUGHT I fixed it)

    Hid the original post under the spoiler.. Turns out I'm still having issues and I blame my revision 3 board for not having a second socket on top of it. gotta figure out what's going on :/
  16. Lemony Vengeance

    Ya'll know me, still the same LV..

    hey all. You should all know me. If you don't. My name is Lemony Vengeance, and I've been doing arcade and arcade stick mods for the last three years. If you want a console working in your arcade cabinet or a multiconsole arcade stick, I'm your guy.