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  1. frsj8112

    Sanwa PM1723C, loses V-hold when warm

    I just want to follow this up and say that I found the problem :) It was due to the capacitors that had been replaced. The one at C320 had been replaced with a Tantal capacitor instead of an electrolytic. I replaced it with an electrolytic and the sync problems disappeared :)
  2. frsj8112

    Namco System 1 Multi - vertical/horizontal

    Flip the monitor or buy another cabinet :-)
  3. frsj8112

    Side project: multi System E (Sega)

    You never dissapoint! :thumbsup:
  4. frsj8112

    M82 MT to RTYPE1&2 slight issues

    Were these lines present before the dual-conversion?
  5. frsj8112

    Sega Aero City Rebuild

    Have you tried switching positions on that jumper between N and W (narrow and wide)
  6. frsj8112

    Afterburner 2 Free play roms?

    I just got hold of an Afterburner upright arcade machine with Afterburner 2 in it. It seems that Sega were lazy when they developed this game, because when in Free-play mode (DIP switched) I still need to insert coin to actually be able to play the game. I found this site...
  7. frsj8112

    Repair Log: Irem M72 - Legend of Hero Tonma

    Nice job, hopefully there's no bad KNA customs. Looking forward to the rest of the repair log :)
  8. frsj8112

    Jaleco Mega System 1 Conversions? or Multi?

    And the protection key is what, is it an IC on the romboard or is it the PAL chip on the baseboard at location M14?
  9. frsj8112

    Jaleco Mega System 1 Conversions? or Multi?

    Does anyone know which other Jaleco games that uses the MB8845 ROM board, the one that is used by Plus Alpha?
  10. frsj8112

    Namco customs, System 1

    Yes it’s well deserved! 😎
  11. frsj8112

    Namco customs, System 1

    any news regarding this @Apocalypse ?
  12. frsj8112

    FS: Irem, Konami

    Time for a purge, added Ken-Go and Metal Black.
  13. frsj8112

    Namco customs, System 1

    Great work again! How does your replacement look like, are you using TTLs or is it CPLD?
  14. frsj8112

    Namco customs, System 1

    Incredible!! ❤️❤️❤️ Great work @Apocalypse !
  15. frsj8112

    Namco customs, System 1

    Fantastic news 🙏🏻😍
  16. frsj8112

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Oh lordy, how sweet!! What is the empty surface mount used for, in the middle of the PCB?
  17. frsj8112

    New Namco System 1 Multi

    Sweet!! Good job @Darksoft and @Mitsurugi-w <3 Any recommendations where to buy a TL86 Plus? If possible, in europe region.
  18. frsj8112

    System 18 multi - 8) Kaboooooom

    Good job as always @Apocalypse :thumbup:
  19. frsj8112


    Nicely done @undamned !! :thumbup:
  20. frsj8112

    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    thank you @drfunk2k for your work, much appreciated!