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  1. suverman

    WTB: Maximum Tune 2 PCB and the IO boards.

    Anyone got the whole set of PCBs for this for sale? I am looking for two. Found a pretty junked up pair with everything gutted from inside - the monitor and the outside remarkable ok.
  2. suverman

    DMG01, GBA SP

    Can anyone send me two of each in good condition. Shipping to India. Let me know the price including shipping if that works for anyone.
  3. suverman

    [Found on eBay] EPROM Adapter for 27C400/800/160 and 27C322 16bit EPROMS

    Does anyone know where to get one of these for my TL866 Minipro?
  4. suverman


    Can anyone who is in contact with Yaton please tell him to either refund me or send me 2 netdimms for Sega Naomi. He had sent it twice and had it returned, once he was moving warehouse from a city, other time something else I dont know what to do now. Timelines: 16 October'18 paid him for a...
  5. suverman

    WTB Taito Grand Champion PCB \ Taito Speed Race CL5 \ Taito Speed Race in working condition

    Need Taito Grand Champion PCB \ Taito Speed Race CL5 (boards only) in working condition. I need the cables as well and need to be labelled please. For Taito Speed Race CL5 , I would also need the LED score board. I am not very particular audio board issue unless it affects the graphics /...
  6. suverman

    [No longer needed] Extron Emotia any that outputs 15KHZ 240p

    Please let me know if anyone is willing to part with their prized Emotias. I have a MAME PC which is a bit dated, I would rather use my gaming laptop with extron on my cab. Cheers
  7. suverman

    Found: Genius Box II

    Anyone here stocks it? Shipping to India. Thanks.
  8. suverman

    WTB: Naomi Null key and Multibios

    3 x Null chip for Naomi NetDimm 4 x Naomi MultiBios Shipping all the way to India.
  9. suverman

    Projector gaming HT2150ST

    I finally gave in and ordered a Benq HT2150ST. Maybe to watch movies and play computer games. I am also thinking to do the heretical thing of using it for JAMMA games. Anyone has any experience running 15KHZ games on projectors??
  10. suverman

    WTB: CPS3 Street Fighter 3 Third Strike / DS Multi

    This would be the final board I would want to get before "No PCB 2018-2020". Shipping to India.
  11. suverman

    edwin128 thanks for the smooth transaction

    Bought a couple off items of @edwin128, well packed and everything in good working order. Thank you :)
  12. suverman

    [WTB] Console to Jamma solutions for SNES/MD/PSX/Saturn/PCE

    I am looking for a plug and play solution for my consoles in my cabinet. Anyone knows of solutions available that works out of the box with the consoles?
  13. suverman

    [WTB] Saturn Rhea ODE

    I never manage to make it to the website when the order window is open. Anyone has a spare to sell?
  14. suverman

    [WTB]: Neo-geo cart stickers

    Hi, anyone here sell Neo-Geo cart labels? I sourced a lot of Neo-Geo original carts and I would like to change the stickers which are gone after I opened them up for inspection and cleaned the shells and the PCBs of dust. 4 x Metal Slug 3 x Spin Masters 2 x Aero Fighters 2 2 x Metal Slug 5 1 x...
  15. suverman

    Tekken 3 Stuck at JVS Check (loops) when connected using JAMMA edge

    I just got 2 x Tekken 3 boards Namco 12, and trying to run through the JAMMA edge. Both loop on JVS check counter and doesn't move forward. Changing the switches dont work. Am I missing something? :/
  16. suverman

    CPS1 Conversion restoration

    So I am picking this up tomorrow for $40, its conversion. Apparently its 3 Wonders board, but the C board I checked is not 3 Wonders and the B Board is Street Fighters 2 World Warrior. The board is supposedly running. Anyone who knows CPS1 hardware please can you tell me if I can restore it to...
  17. suverman

    Tumblepop SMD loose fix

    I recently got a few boards and one of them was Tumble pop. Infact it is the very same board which was repaired below: The image is not stable on the board and I realised if I press the DE56 chip on one corner the image stabilises and is crystal...
  18. suverman

    Neo-Geo restarts at specific points in Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3

    I have a MV1B1 that 1. Freezes the moment I choose a game on 161 in 1 Cart 2. Restarts at the same point on Shock Troopers and Metal Slug 3 (just checked these two and Aero Fighters 2). It also had bad sprites issue where basically the sprites and Neo-geo eyecatcher were missing which was...
  19. suverman

    WTB: Taito F3 Motherboard with any ROM board

    In good working and cosmetic condition please. Shipping to India. Thanks.
  20. suverman

    Thanks 2huwman for the MiniKab3

    I bought two MiniKab3 JAMMA PC which he customised very well with 15khz support. It runs on both my arcade machines until I try the real boards to try to see if I can find difference or if I just want to play the real board. CAVE slowdowns are not emulated in MAME - except for that most other...