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  1. Hatsune Mike

    Repair log: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu

    symptom: didn't boot, bought blind from eBay cause: main RAM was bad; replaced, board started up perfectly time spent: 30 minutes; 20 fixing it, 10 selling it afterwards having a chuckle at pearl-clutchers losing their minds that someone would buy a board that looked like an easy fix & sell
  2. Hatsune Mike

    Nanao MS9-29 enhancement hacks

    I did a writeup on a few things you can do to get the most out of your MS9, including Placing a negative voltage on G1 like the MS8 for improved sharpness, and Modifying the chassis to run at 31KHz for Naomi, etc. Stay sharp!
  3. Hatsune Mike

    MS9-29 bizarre interference / noise

    Fixed! This chassis was entirely missing the X capacitors in the primary section. Transplanted them from a dead parts chassis, and it's rock solid now. no more 60Hz ripple, no more switching power interference. Original Post: I'm stumped with this chassis. No matter what I've tried, there's...
  4. Hatsune Mike

    Bubble Bobble Free Play patch

    Got this going today:
  5. Hatsune Mike

    Cursed Taito Egret 29: Gen X strikes again

    It was me, I got it. I have a lot of work ahead of me. This poor wounded bird has landed: Of course, everything about the control panel is bad news. I don't want these American controls in here at all. On the bright side, the top green acrylic piece is intact and survived the trip. I am...
  6. Hatsune Mike

    Batsugun Special Free Play Patch

    Did a quick patch for Batsugun Special. DSW1.3 now enables Free Play, instead of Test Mode. The Test Switch button on the JAMMA edge now enters and exits Test Mode when pressed IPS patch available in the Releases section of the repo.
  7. Hatsune Mike

    Darius 1 Extra PCB

    I got this Darius Extra PCB to 1) dump (it was just a normal version) and 2) use in a big California Extreme setup with an LED matrix display and all this fancy stuff. Well, CAX did not really happen this year, so now the board is not getting the use I intended. I'm not raring to let this one...
  8. Hatsune Mike

    EPROM Programmers!

    I've got a bunch of these to clear out. I'm saving up for a particular programmer that's very pricy. BK Precision 864 - $150 This thing is a champ - it has been the most reliable programmer I've used, and supports even the old weird BPROMs and ancient EPROMs with weird voltages. It has a 48-pin...
  9. Hatsune Mike

    MS9-29 Solid-State "High Life" capacitor replacement

    I've created a Digikey BOM for a special MS9 cap kit. Wherever possible, solid-state capacitors (Aluminum Poly, Ceramic, etc) are used in place of electrolytic caps. This covers all of the signal section, with the intent of guaranteeing more linear response curves for the RGB inputs, and...
  10. Hatsune Mike

    WTB: Sanwa PFX Chassis

    I am looking for the Tri-sync Sanwa PFX chassis. I have several Toshiba PF chassis, and would trade one, or otherwise would pay.
  11. Hatsune Mike

    FS: Bunch of PCBs

    This is a crosspost from Shmups. Thinning out the herd of ones I don't play as much any more. If you're local, and I can avoid shipping, then you get a nice Corstat ESD box sized for the game. Jigoku Meguri / Bonze Adventure - $275 In great shape, has my free play ROMs installed. Original...
  12. Hatsune Mike

    Polishing a scratched monitor

    I got a Toshiba A68KJU96X tube in pretty good shape (in terms of phosphor condition and emissions) but with the face all tagged up. The scratches cut into the glass pretty deep. Furthermore, the anti-static coating was splotchy, having been rubbed off somewhat in the past. Nasty tags...
  13. Hatsune Mike

    The worst CRT scratches I have dealt with

    In short, I got this A68KJU96X tube, that has wonderful emissions, nice sharp focus, and... is scratched to shit. Antistatic coating is splotchy, which I can deal with, but it has lots of tags carved in it, which is harder. I'm talking to a local glass restoration business to see about dealing...
  14. Hatsune Mike

    29" 15Khz Sanwa monitor

    I have a Sanwa 27Z21 monitor in good shape. Just replaced the flyback, and it's looking good. Tube is sharp and bright. The size is the same as a 29" monitor as you'd find in a Sega cabinet, with a similar frame. The curvature looks like it'd fit a Blast, but I can not make promises. I don't...
  15. Hatsune Mike

    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    Did a little thing for running versus connections between two cabinets for head to head. Uses three Ethernet cables, as they are flexible and easy to get in varying lengths. More details later - these aren’t available until I’m done with this splitfire batch! A few bullet points: • 3...
  16. Hatsune Mike

    Bonze Adventure / Jigoku Meguri Free Play patch

    Did a quick patch for Bonze Adventure / Jigoku Meguri. Same patch applies to all regions; only two ROMs must be changed.
  17. Hatsune Mike

    Metal Black Free Play patch

    Metal Black originally has a no-attract coin mode, and no free play. As always, the source is on Github, along with an IPS release.
  18. Hatsune Mike

    Nanao MS-2930 shutdown

    After about five minutes of being powered on with a tube I bought recently, with Twinkle Star Sprite's attract mode, my MS-2930 chassis had the screen suddenly go black (but not collapse as during a normal power-off), with audible static sounds from the tube face (like during a normal...
  19. Hatsune Mike

    FS: Sega Control Panels

    My control panels are getting out of hand, I need to get rid of some. Astro City Sanwa 2L12B - Very nice condition This was NOS about a year ago, has never seen spills, cigarettes, etc. No rust. Looking for $175. Astro City 2L6B - Okay condition I have a 2L6B panel in acceptable...
  20. Hatsune Mike

    Sega Model 3 (Blast, NVS4000, etc) no JAMMA sound / buzzing fix

    tl;dr: Replace R1. It is a 10 ohm resistor. One of my Blasts had two simultaneous sound problems. One of them was that JAMMA audio was more or less inaudible, with a buzzing sound replacing it. One of my Astro power supplies, the NVS-4000, was doing the same thing. Frustratingly, both used to...