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  1. ShootTheCore

    Espgaluda 2 (CV1000) repair of bad U2 NAND using JTAG

    Impressive work! Well done sir.
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    BOUNTY: CPS1.5 games (with Q-Sound) on CPS2 multi

    They say that the sprite priority issues will be fixed before it's released.
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    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    I appreciate the vote of confidence! It definitely sounds like continuity testing, logic probing and logic analysis on the two OBJ chips will be the next steps. I don't have another Namco NB-2 board around to swap the Outfoxies ROM board with, and the cheapest I can find Mach Breakers for is...
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    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    The traces looked fine under the microscope, but you never know - SMD stuff is definitely fragile. Testing the continuity on each pin is a good suggestion - thank you!
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    FS: CPS3 with Custom SH2 security cart with no-CD BIOS

    FWIW, my CPS3 board had the same issue with not detecting anything SCSI and the culprit was the SCSI controller located in the corner of the board. Definitely easier to use the UltraSIMMs instead though! :thumbsup:
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    [IN PROGRESS] Repair Log: Outfoxies

    Time for an update on Outfoxies. My new chip programmer and appropriate SMD adapter arrived. I now have two chip programmers capable of reading and programming the chips Outfoxies uses – my brand new programmer which I trust and my old programmer which I don’t. There are two original Namco...
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    Selling my fairly robust NES collection...

    PM sent on the Zelda cart.
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    Looking to Consolize a CPS3

    Congratulations on getting your CPS3 up and running! I hope you and your friends get many, many hours of enjoyment from it. As to your earlier question about changing games, yes the UltraSIMMs are the solution if you don't want to wait 45 minutes to change a game. It's up to you on whether...
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    Looking to Consolize a CPS3

    Hatmoose is correct-since your profile says you’re in the USA, you’ll want to take a power cable, chop off the end, and then wire it to the supply in exactly the manner he indicated. I suggest using a PC power supply cable-they’re easy to find and work very well-you may have a spare lying around...
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    Looking to Consolize a CPS3

    Good to hear some feedback from someone that used one of those SuperGuns. It didn't look particularly well-built to me in the photos. JAMMA boards and the displays & upscalers we hook them up to are expensive - don't risk damaging them with a shoddy SuperGun.
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    Retro Scaler A1

    Sorry, I haven’t had a chance to try it with my equipment.
  12. ShootTheCore

    The Definitive Guide to the System 16 Multi Kit

    Check with @Apocalypse .
  13. ShootTheCore

    NAMCO SYSTEM 2 Multi

    I have a Rolling Thunder 2 board in the mail, so I’d definitely purchase a Namco System 2 Multi if you decided to produce one @Darksoft . :thumbsup:
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    CV1000 repair with non-default U4 NAND Flash IC's

    Fantastic research! I'm glad that we'll have options to replace the flash on these boards, because their failure seems more and more likely as time goes on.
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    Looking to Consolize a CPS3

    According to the specs in the manual, the RetroTink converter is essentially lag-free, so no worries there. LIkewise, the cable shown in your picture of the HAS is indeed the power cable. The spade connectors will need to be connected to your new power supply. Sorry buddy - I feel your...
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    MS2930 Chassis + MS2931 Tube - Yellow Tint on Screen

    Glad you made some progress and that the fried electronics didn’t damage your tube. As for your blue bleeding, the blue drive and/or cutoff may just be set too high. Do you see a change when you lower them?
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    Looking to Consolize a CPS3

    One more thing for your list-if your HAS doesn’t already come with one, you need a kickharness cable to go between the CPS3 and the HAS or else you won’t have any kick buttons in your game. The JAMMA standard only supports four buttons so Capcom adds the extra buttons via their own connector...