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    Wiring Stereo in a candy cab!

    Hello guys, I need some help with the following: Recently I had the posibility to acquire 2 candy cabs (1 Sega NAC and 1 Namco Cyberlead), the NAC is waiting for a recap, fortunately it came with a stereo amplifier, wired everything and it works ok, will post results of the recap when it gets...
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    Help chosing astrocity cab

    Hello guys, I need your help, I have the oportunity to get an Astrocity cab in my country, that is a miracle. Anyway, the astrocity 1 cab has a monitor with apparently good colors, but there is a vertical bow in the bottom corners. The astrocity 2 cab, has a monitor with better geometry but...
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    Problems with 2 MVS games

    Hello guys,I'm having problems with 2 MVS games, the first one is Samurai Shodown, the game "kinda" works, the music plays fine....but the graphics are way wrong (you'll se in the pics) 1) as soon as I start the Neo you know something is off: 2) the tutorial: The CRC check in the unibios...