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    WTB: Mitchell Gamshara PCB

    Not as far as I'm aware lol
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    Exa Kit Box Protectors - Precious Cardboard - NEW BATCH (104 left)

    I'll hit you up in that place. We might be able to combine shipping
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    Exa Kit Box Protectors - Precious Cardboard - NEW BATCH (104 left)

    tag on 6 for me please (so far). I'll see if anybody else wants some too.
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    ESP.RA.DE graphic glitch.

    (a video might help)
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    IC: Sega Swing & Taito Egret 29 Marquee repros

    Not ready to take orders. Still waiting on the artwork. Will update the thread after the artwork is ready to be screen printed. The wheels are turning though!
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    Vacuum Formed Part Reproduction

    I need things like pony and pony table bezels copied. Swing, aero (if applicable) etc.
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    Vacuum Formed Part Reproduction

    RE: Bezels- there's a few that I've paid around 1-200 for. I'd happily hire for some good reproductions of some of the harder to find stuff. I know i'm not alone!
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    FS : Some Arcade PCB stuff

    Interesting. It's always neat to see the differences that things go for in different regions. Different ball game here stateside!
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    SEGA SWING - Decal Pictures and Measurements

    (just waiting on the graphics guy to finish and then I can send the plastic to the screen printer)
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    Finally, multi System 16B (Sega)

    After spending some time with it- I really like how these turned out! I currently have one with the rotary selector (that I'm too blind to really see lol). How are you fellas liking the one with the little screen?
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    Aero Table Parts, Complete Sega New Net City Control Panel , Unpopulated Egret 3 1p panel.

    Populated NNC panel- (sold). (OEM, not aftermarket). This means buttons, sticks, harnesses. Egret 3 1p panel (unpopulated) $265 shipped Aero Table Coin Box doors ($165 plus ship) Prices assuming shipping in the USA, F&F. Thanks! SOLD Unpopulated Panel- $200 shipped
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    Grid seeker graphic glitch with F3 multi

    Did you fellas by chance find a fix for this?
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    WTB: New Astro City PCB holder (FOUND!)

    fyi- the price isn't bad. The cost of the metal might be 5-10. Metal work can be 80/hour in the cheaper spots. For an original part from a cab, it's probably worth it!
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    New Net City NNC Panels Genuine Control Panels, New Astro bits, Egret 2 parts, MS9 Monitor chassis, PCBs, Aero Table Coin Box door (last ones),

    I'll be back in the office next Sunday and I'll look inside some NACs and see what parts we're talking about. We can make most anything. Thanks!
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    $175 + ship Taito F3 w/ Puzzle Bobble 3 $750 shipped Esprade ?? Lost Worlds

    The F3 went to a good home where I presume the issue is resolved! I'll pm re: EspRaDe. Thanks!