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  1. kuze

    Repair log: DoDonPachi Daifukkatsu

    Glad you got it and were able to fix quickly. $1K is quite the gamble for most folks
  2. kuze

    Twinkle Star Sprites: debug & dueling cakes

    Very cool @ekorz , nice project!
  3. kuze

    Road of the Sword to Gladiator conversion

    Btw this is the thread where a mod bios is being worked on - I would think this should work on the PCB version of The Gladiator for forcing another region. Fingers crossed all goes well with the mod bios...
  4. kuze

    Road of the Sword to Gladiator conversion

    Check out the ROM definition for theglad at The 68K rom is only 512KB, whereas the ASIC's external data ROM is 2MB in size.
  5. kuze

    Road of the Sword to Gladiator conversion

    I saw a thread here where someone is trying to make a custom PGM bios which would be awesome, hope it pans out. I’d love to play my The Gladiator cart in English, but right now the only way is MAME as the English cart is unobtainable. This would also be a sweet Mister core.
  6. kuze

    Road of the Sword to Gladiator conversion

    These later “Type 3” games run almost entirely from the ASIC and only use the 68k for I/O so there is no way to patch region unless you were to reproduce the ASIC or maybe write something like a Unibios / custom BIOS
  7. kuze

    JVS 2 jamma / over-engineered arcade thingy

    Ok so I located my spare I/O board and buttons 4-6 are working correctly now, so I no longer need an extra preset on the Jammafier. Thanks again for the response here @invzim
  8. kuze

    JVS 2 jamma / over-engineered arcade thingy

    Yeah I think it boils down to the dual configurations that the IO board supports: For whatever reason the DIP switch to control this doesn't work on my I/O board so I'm stuck unless I rewire or solder...
  9. kuze

    JVS 2 jamma / over-engineered arcade thingy

    I suspect buttons 5 and 6 will work if they are mapped to jvs buttons 7 and 8 too. I’ve tried messing with the dips on the Konami I/O already to no avail. So this is what I’d like mapped: JVS button 6 —> Output button 4 JVS button 7 —> Output button 5 JVS button 8 —> Output button 6 If you...
  10. kuze

    JVS 2 jamma / over-engineered arcade thingy

    Hey @invzim for some reason the Jammafier picks up button 4 as button 6 on the Jvs test with my Konami Windy 2 I/O and it doesn’t register the actual buttons 5/6 at all. Any chance you can make a remap preset to accommodate this? I need Jvs button 6 input to output as button 4, otherwise...
  11. kuze

    CPS1 Street Fighter II The World Warrior WITH GRAPHICS PROBLEM

    If you know the A board is good then it’s most likely the C board at fault. You’ll need to swap with a known good matching B or C board to confirm
  12. kuze

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    IMO it’s better to use the step down than replace the stock PSU. For one it should be cheaper and that way you don’t put unnecessary extra voltage on the monitor too, even though it’s within tolerance. At a minimum without the step down it will run a bit warmer and at worst it could reduce the...
  13. kuze

    To those with Altered Beast (any version) and the S16 multi. Can you check this out?

    First step is someone needs to see if there is a rom version that is patched already
  14. kuze

    DL-0311 / CPS-A-01 Reverse Engineering

    Another huge milestone for cps2 preservation, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this project!
  15. kuze


    If you have already cut the pins on the original CPU, then when using your desoldering gun you can "free" the pin by wiggling the gun around a bit after the solder is melted and it will often drop right through. If it doesn't though, then tweezers to gently bend the pin so it will fall free.
  16. kuze

    Strikers 1945 Hong Kong Bootleg GB ram and rotation issue. PLZ help 😉

    Most likely the bootlegger that made that version did not actually implement screen rotation on that PCB, thus why the DIP switch doesn't do anything
  17. kuze

    ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing

    It only does cd/dvd emulation right now, but we are hoping the developer will add HDD support. That said if you only want to play disc based games you can buy one and replace your hdd with it.
  18. kuze

    What Donor Board to use for the CPS1 Multi

    Yeah they do
  19. kuze

    Tips for rotating a crt (New Net City) by myself?

    Rotating a monitor in a cab is a pain in the ass even with two people, it’s not the weight so much as the awkward angle and precision you have to use to ensure safety. If you take it on you’ll realize it’s not something you want to do very often, definitely not for an afternoon of vert games
  20. kuze

    CPS1 Multi. Official Thread

    Looking awesome!! :thumbsup: