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    WTB: Ibara Kuro

    Needle in a haystack, buuuuut... I would like to purchase Ibara Kuro PCB @ $3,000; mainly looking for just the PCB, but if you have a full kit we can discuss further. PM me if you have one available for sale, thanks. :P
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    WTB: Naomi and CPS1 games

    Looking to purchase the following games: Naomi cartridge: 1.) Sega Tetris CPS1: 1.) Pang! 3 (all original, no bootleg please) PM me if you have these available for sale, thanks.
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    WTB: Twinkle Star Sprites + MagiDrop3 Full Kit

    Looking for the following games and English MVS kits with matching serials and holographic labels in great condition: 1.) Twinkle Star Sprites Full Kit* 2.) Magical Drop 3 Full Kit. * Friend is still looking for the Twinkle Star Sprites full kit, please let me know.
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    Post-fire + Arcade hardware

    Hey all, I haven't been on here in forever. About a year ago my apartment building caught on fire and a lot of my stuff (from computers, PCBs, etc.) got exposed to the smoke/soot, mold, and some construction dust. I was given the opportunity to go back into the apartment like six months ago and...
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    WTB: Puzzle Bobble 2 MVS Full Kit

    I posted in the wrong subsection before, but: I'm still looking to purchase a Puzzle Bobble 2 MVS Full Kit with matching serials, arts, the usual. I'm also down to just buying the loose cartridge provided if the label is in pristine condition. PM me if you're selling, thanks. ^^
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    WTB: Extron Emotia (Plus, GX, Super I)

    Looking for either one of the models above; will pay a good price for a complete set in great working condition. Has to be: Extron Emotia, Emotia Plus, Super Emotia, or Super Emotia GX. Send me a PM, thanks.
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    WTB: Puzzle Bobble 2 (MVS)

    Hi everyone, Would like to purchase a Puzzle Bobble 2 (MVS) full kit (matching serials). Cartridge alone (label intact/great shape) is okay too but preferably the former. Send me a PM if you happen to have one for sale. Thanks. :D
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    WTB: Puyo Puyo 2 large POP

    Probably a needle in a haystack but does anyone have this for sale? It's a double sided large pop. Would really like to own this to complete my art set.
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    WTB: Puyo Puyo 2 POP

    Looking for this POP to finish my art set: Let me know if you have this for sale.
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    Anyone have a MV1C they'd like to sell for the low? If so, send me a PM. :)
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    WTB: Twinkle Star Sprites MVS

    Look to buy a Twinkle Star Sprites MVS cartridge in great condition; label and serial number should be intact. If you have arts, I could pay extra, if not that's fine. Would like to see pictures of the two boards inside the cartridge, boot-up, and the cartridge itself. If you have one for...
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    [FOUND] DDP DOJ metal case/cage

    If you have a spare metal case/cage sitting around, please send me a PM; I'd be glad to purchase it from you. Would like to use it for my Ketsui board. Thanks.
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    [FOUND] Windjammers MVS

    Looking to buy a copy of Windjammers MVS (legit boards, cartridge; no bootlegs or conversions please). Arts, box is not too important but would be cool to own if included. If you have one available for sale, please send me a PM with pictures of the boards; we can discuss prices and whatever...
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    Recapping 20L5

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there's a shopping cart or a definitive list of capacitors that should be purchased when recapping the 20L5? I know the M2/M4 and a few other PVMs are pretty much well documented (along with a shopping cart readily available), but I haven't seen or read much...
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    WTB: PSO Plus (GC)

    I guess a needle in a haystack, but if you happen to have a copy of PSO Plus (US ver.) GC for sale, please send me a PM. Preferably with the case and whatever else, however if it's just the loose disc, I can live with that. Thanks. ^^
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    [WTB] DDP DOJ WL (and more)

    Looking for the following (in priority): 1.) DOJ WL (with original metal casing and no battery soldered on). 2.) Additional DOJ metal casing (would like to throw this onto my Ketsui). 3.) Mushihimesama full arts (pipe dream at this point lol). Send me a PM if you have happen to have any of these.
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    WTB: CAVE pops

    I'm looking to purchase the following POPS (or full arts): 1.) Mushihimesama (or full arts if possible). 2.) DeathSmiles 3.) Ketsui (Pop only) 4.) DDP DOJ PM me if you have any of these for sale. Thanks. :)