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  1. the Goat

    (sold) FS: Irem M72 (not working) possible trade for Irem M92

    I have an Irem M72 board stack that is not fully booting. I had planned on fixing it to use with the m72 multi. But I found another m72 stack to use for the multi and my willpower to work on this project disappeared. I believe the installed ROM set is Legend of Hero Tonma. My gut tells me...
  2. the Goat

    Nintendo 64 Funtastic Ice Blue with borti4938 Advanced RGB mod

    N64 console modded as follows: Advance RGB mod (developed by borti4938) On screen display for configuring mod settings anti alias De-blur line doubling and deinterlacing for 480p output line tripling for 720p output multiout wired with TTL csync on csync & luma pins (compatible with standard...
  3. the Goat

    [FS] Sony PlayStation 1 PS1 with PS1Digital HDMI, xStation ODE, recapp'ed power supply

    Sony PlayStation modified as follows: PS1Digital :: pure digital-2-digital HDMI output for video & audio xStation:: optical drive emulator, plays games off SD card 3D printed insert for xStation with SD card extension from LaserBear Recapped power supply Bundle includes Modded console 32GB...
  4. the Goat

    Neo Geo Pocket Color NGPC console, link cable, games: sonic, cotton, metal slug 1 & 2, bust a move, crush roller

    My modest Neo Geo Pocket color collection is up for sale. Asking price is going rate on with free shipping to the lower 48 USA. I'm the original owner of everything. All manuals and inserts are included. Neo Geo Pocket Color handheld console. NGPC link cable. New...
  5. the Goat

    Nintendo 64, RGB mod w/ de-blur feature (Tim Worthington N64RGB v2.0) region free, expansion pak, A/C adapter

    SOLD I'll have another RGB modded N64 for sale soon. N64 console modded as follows: Tim Worthington N64RGB v2.0 De-blur (anti-aliasing disable) option wired to a switch RGBS on multi out for use with standard SNES RGB cable (TTL csync) White power LED Region free cartridge slot Comes with...
  6. the Goat

    Where to get Candy Cabinet shipping mishap repair estimate quote for insurance?

    Long story short: I purchased a Candy Cabinet and it arrived damaged due to how the freight shipper packet it. The shipment was insured. But to make an insurance claim I need to provide a repair estimate quote. Does anybody know how to find an arcade technician who can provide a repair quote?
  7. the Goat

    [FS] Sega Dreamcast with DCHDMI, GDEMU, Noctua fan, UniBIOS, battery mod, recapp'ed power supply

    Modified Sega Dreamcasts for sale (details for each unit in its own post): $485 Sega Sports (black) Dreamcast, DCHDMI, Noctua fan, UniBIOS, battery & fuse mod, recapped AC/DC + controller & VMU Sold $565 Sega Sports (black) Dreamcast, DCHDMI, GDEMU ODE, Noctua fan, UniBIOS, battery & fuse mod...
  8. the Goat

    WTB: Initial D Arcade Stage 1/2/3 player cards

    Does anybody have player cards for Initial D Arcade Stage that they can sell? Or can you point me at a good/cheap source?
  9. the Goat

    How universal are driving game cabinets?

    I see a Cruis'n World cabinet for sale near me. Would I be able to drop in other racing games?
  10. the Goat

    Does B-board case fit over the CPS2 multikit with LCD cable attached?

    The instructions PDF say in order to get the lid to fit you need to remove one support post from the case lid. I removed the support post. But the lid still will not fit with the LCD ribbon cable plugged in. What is the deal?
  11. the Goat

    JAMMA Extension with kick harness support. Is there interest?

    I designed my own JAMMA extension setup. The prototypes just arrived. I'm wondering if I should order more and offer them for sale? A HAS/Minigun style kick harness port is included on each end. The power channels use a molex mini fit jr 8 pin connector GND (3 pins) 5 Volts (3 pins) 12 Volts...
  12. the Goat

    Why do I get high-pitched sounds in Marvel vs. Capcom with Darksoft multi? [RESOLVED]

    I installed my Darksoft cps-2 multi today. It is working great for every game I've checked, except for Marvel vs. Capcom. In Marvel vs. Capcom I get annoying high-pitched audio tones in addition to the normal sounds effects and music. Check out the video: Capcom cps2 marvel vs capcom sound...