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  1. Bay78

    Konami Lethal Enforcers II Gun issue

    Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anyone knows what the part number of a replacement photo transistor would be on the guns of Lethal Enforcers II? I do have some of the replacement Happ guns that I know I can get to work. But I'd MUCH rather fix the original guns as there is nothing physically...
  2. Bay78

    Sega Print Club 2

    Hello everyone, I recently picked up a Sega Print Club 2 (Japan version cabinet) locally. I would like to try and convert it to English (USA version). I haven't found much information on this game. It's not listed on the multi even where I have seen anyway. I see the multi bios available as a...
  3. Bay78

    Virtua Cop 2 questions

    Hello everyone, I recently decided that I’d love to have a working Virtua Cop 2. I’ve seen some videos and really like it. I don’t have a Virtua Cop cabinet or PCB set or anything yet. I have numerous other cab’s I could try and put it in but I have a lot of questions and I’m wondering if anyone...
  4. Bay78

    Primeval Hunt (possible different game list)

    Hello everyone. I just recently picked up a Primeval Hunt and love it! It’s working 100% and am enjoying it. I’m new to Sega Lindbergh and am wondering what if any other games are compatible with this unit ? And what would be involved to switch games if other games would work? I’ve heard...
  5. Bay78

    Hello Everyone from Canada !

    I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. I love collecting both Pinball machines and Arcade machines and paraphernalia. I especially love Candy Cabs. I have a Capcom Impress, Sega New Astro City and a Taito Egret 2. I enjoy collecting for Nintendo PC-10, Vs. And Namco System 246/256...
  6. Bay78

    WTB: Naomi Items NetDimm & I/O

    Hello everyone, I’m looking for a NETDIMM with at least 3.17 firmware and a GD-Rom and either a Capcom I/O or Sega V2 I/O. :)