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    Atomiswave bootleg carts?

    This ebay seller has posted many games are good prices, and to my ignorant eyes after a bit of research looks legitimate but I've never had an atomiswave so I'm not too sure. Can anyone chime in what they think? And if anyone has a Rumble Fish 2 cart, could you post pics of the pcb? Thanks!
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    (FOUND) WTB: Neo Geo MV1C with UniBios

    Got a NeoSD for a great price so now I need the hardware to run it! Lmk what ya got!
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    WTB: The Rumble Fish 2 Atomiswave

    If you have it, lmk!
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    WTB: UD CPS2

    Real shot in the dark, but I figured it wouldn't help to ask! Looking for a UD CPS2, it'll help when running tournaments once the pandemic ends. Lmk if you wanna sell yours!
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    WTB: Naomi Netdimm Ver 4.02

    Wanna bite the bullet for a Netdimm set up. Looking for a Netdimm with the latest bios, with a Zero Key if possible. Located in Texas, let me know if you want to get rid of one!
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    High Quality Scans for VSAV, SF ZERO 2, ABK, & RUMBLE FISH 2 Arcade Art Assets

    Hey everyone, recently got some art assets scanned in high quality. Download to your hearts content: Vampire Savior Street Fighter Zero 2 Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf. Achse Rumble Fish 2
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    WTB: My Grails

    Can't hurt to put these out there, if anyone has any of these let me know! UD-CPS2 Martial Masters - PGM Super Dragon Ball Z- System 256 Vampire Savior - CPS2 A+B Board Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 + Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Combo Cart - Naomi Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown - Sega Lindbergh
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    WTB: Namco 256 Super DBZ

    Been on the hunt for a Namco 256 + Super DBZ bundle or Super DBZ disc and dongle by itself. If anyone has a multi they're willing to sale I'll take that too :D Hit me up!
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    Martial Masters IGS PGM

    Hello, does anyone have a Martial Masters cart for sale? I run tournaments for niche fighting games and have not been able to find one. Thanks in advance! ^^
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    Not necessarily new, but an introduction

    I've talked to a few of you and have lurked a lot, but after being sucked into the real arcade hardware rabbit hole I guess I should say hi since I spend so much time here now :D I'm a bit young so I never got to experience arcades in their prime but my passion has always been fighting games...
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    Games aren't booting properly

    Hello! I've finally gotten my Darksoft and i'm so excited!!...except for one problem After flashing, games aren't booting properly. they either boot to a blank grey/green screen or into a jumbled mess @Mitsurugi-w installed my kit so I do not think it's a problem with the installation, and I...
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    CPS2 input issue

    Hey guys, I have an X-Men vs. Street Fighter board running through my HAS with Undamned convertors for my arcade sticks and have a problem. The Undamned receives the inputs I'm putting in while configuring it on the player 1 side, but in game my buttons do nothing. Using the same convertor on...