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  1. sugar4salt

    Alberto please respond to my msg

    Its been few month since i sent you a payment for vewlix panel. I understand Covid-19 caused delay on panel production. But you just do not respond to my msg or give me update on my order. If you have problem on my order, please let me know and give me a refund. I really did not want to...
  2. sugar4salt

    WANTED Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Marquee

    Hi. Does any forum member has high resolution file of Tatsunoko Vs Capcom Marquee and instruction card? One on google is very low resolution to make a print. If you have, could you please share it? I desperately need them. Thank you~
  3. sugar4salt

    Replacing LCD of Original Vewlix C

    Hi. I finally got a shipment from Japan last week. Took 2 days of cleaning and I can tell you it was not an easy task cause of so much dust and dirt inside of cab. Anyway, my lcd is in pretty good shape for now but I want to upgrade it to 1080p in a mean time. I have looked everywhere for any...
  4. sugar4salt

    WTB Dodonpachi DFK

    Either 1 or 1.5 is ok with me. Looking for pcb only. Will pay via paypal. So pm me if you have it to let it go.
  5. sugar4salt

    WTF: Dai-Makaimura

    Looking for Dai Makaimura Japanese original version. It need to be unmodified and all rom seals must be in place. Payment will be made by Paypal goods and service. Pm me if you have one to sell.
  6. sugar4salt

    Looking for Astrocity 1L6b panel

    I am looking for 1L6B control panel for Astrocity or New Astrocity. If you have one to sell, please let me know.">