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  1. FluxChiller

    Astro City Side Art

    New "Zona Arcade" side art. Old school production method. $50.00 + ship in the US.
  2. FluxChiller

    Looking for a Taito Egret 29 Marquee - Used or Repro

    Need an Egret29 Marquee - Used or Repro. Please let me know if you have one for sale or if you can connect me with someone who does. Thanks!
  3. FluxChiller

    WTB: Super Neo 29 Control Panel Tangs

    Looking for a pair if anyone has some. Thank you!
  4. FluxChiller

    Super Neo 29 - Monitor not working :( Advice?

    Hey boys, so fresh off the truck today I got a Super Neo 29, about a week ago before shipping this worked - I saw it. Came across country and now I get this. Same result if it comes from the power supply or if its plugged directly into the wall. Tube is hitachi - not sure what the chassis is...
  5. FluxChiller

    Original Pac-Man PCB - How to Clean safely?

    Hey boys! Got this PCB for free a few days ago, supposedly it works - but its FILTHY. Whats the best way to clean this thing up to look like new without damaging it?
  6. FluxChiller

    Sega Astro City Restoration

    Hey everyone! Welp, I should have started this thread like 6 months ago and taken a bunch more pictures along the way - but im finally nearing end game on this project and thought I would share some results. So you guys have seen a typical astro city, missing some parts here and there, coated...
  7. FluxChiller

    WTB - Spare Part - Sega Astro City Tang Clip

    Looking for one of these
  8. FluxChiller

    Nanao Ms9 - Monitor Trouble - With Video

    Hey guys, so I have a MS9 that i had recapped a few months ago and finally got around to powering it up tonight. I think all the wires are correct but this is the issue i get If i disconnect the red/blue wire that goes up to the copper bands - I...
  9. FluxChiller

    How to Properly Clean a Jamma Cable & Connectors?

    Just got in an order from yaton on ebay with a used astro city jamma harness and related cables. As expected they are filthy dirty. Was wondering what the safest, but effective way to clean these cables/connectors would be? Thank you!
  10. FluxChiller

    Sega Astro City Marquee Plexi - Need to Replace- New Repos?

    Looking to replace the plexi in both the top and bottom slots of the upper housing. Does anyone make a repro?
  11. FluxChiller

    Looking for Sega Astro City Locks and Keys

    Got any spares? Thanks Style: 5575 - 5380 -
  12. FluxChiller

    Recapping Service/Person recommendation?

    Sorry if this is not the right forum section for this, I have a some boards that need recapping - can anyone recommend a person/company they had great results with, quality caps, and OCD level of detail to quality? I have a Ms-9, wells gardener that need work. Thank you!
  13. FluxChiller