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    WTB: Ricoh RF5C68 (or ASSP 5C68A) to fix my Moonwalker

    Hello! As the title says, I need a Ricoh RF5C68 (ou ASSP 5C68A) to fix my Moonwalker. Can anyone sell me one? Thanks!

    Can I convert System Multi 32 --> Regular System 32 game?

    Stupid question, maybe? Can I convert a Sega Multi System 32 (ex: Outrunners) into a regular Sega System 32 game? I know the hardware is an "updated" System 32, since it has inputs for 2 players and has dual monitor output (Outrunners for instance uses 1 board for 2 players). Reason I ask is...

    Can I convert Football Champ (Taito F1) into something else?

    Hey there, I'm aware Taito F1 boards share more or less the same hardware, and some of them have extra chips to add different capabilities, such as the TC0480SCP used in Football Champ, Dead Connection and Metal Black. Football Champ x Dead Connection PCBs look almost identical, and sometimes...

    F3 conversion help?

    Hey there. I plan on converting a two Taito F3 games, but I am having trouble finding concrete info on this topic -- do I need to set jumpers or make any mods, like you do with CPS1, CPS2? Or is it a simple "rom swap" ? I have two Hattrick Hero carts (both the '94 ver, I think) and I wanted...

    WTB: Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition (disk & Dongle)

    Hi! As the title says, I am interested in buying Soul Calibur 3 Arcade Edition (game and dongle/key) for Namco System 2*6. Cheers

    WTT: Robocop 1 & Robocop 2 manuals for other ones

    Hey there, I have two arcade pcb manuals I would like to trade: Robocop - Data East - Conversion Kit + Technical Support Robocop 2 - Data East - Instructions Manual I am interested in game manuals / art sets / flyers / similar stuff that I don't have. Here is my "wanted" list: Captain...

    [Price Check] Violent Storm, Robocop, more (FT? FS?)

    I am considering trading/selling some PCBs from my "to repair" pile, but I have no idea how much they're worth: OK boards - Hook - Irem M92 - bootleg. Sounds fine, looks fine, plays fine. NOT OK genuine boards - Violent Storm - Konami - genuine - no sound. A friend has tried recapping the...

    Karate Blazers help needed: backgrounds are shifted up!

    Hello again! I have a genuine Karate Blazers PCB that is showing a strange behavior: all backgrounds in-game are shifted about 30% up, so I see a solid color from the bottom and then the backgrounds are drawn above that. Everything else looks absolutely perfect, no graphics corruption, not...

    Golden Axe 2: troubleshooting help needed! [UPDATED]

    Hey there! My Golden Axe 2: Revenge of Death Adder was working perfectly, but is no longer playing -- upon booting, it stalls on the first screen and stays that way forever. The board is super clean (I always keep my boards ultra clean and stored away from sun / humidity) and I see nothing...

    MK1 sound board too hot - common problem?

    Hey there, looking for some insight -- a friend of mine has an MK1 pcb, but he complains the sound board runs way too hot. Game works fine, sound is fine (no garbage, pops, anything), but the amp gets so hot you can't even touch the heatsink. Is this a common issue? What could be causing this...

    Irem M92 cap list -- anyone?

    Hey there! I found a website that has a great Irem M92 cap kit for sale, but they won't ship to Brazil. Has anyone seen (or made) a list of every cap needed for a proper job on these boards? I want to do a top-notch recap on my Undercover Cops, since it still has those crappy brown ones that...

    WTB: SEGA steering wheel center cap (brushed steel w/ logo)

    Hello there. I am looking for a SEGA steering wheel center cap (brushed steel with logo) for my Sega Super GT. This part is also found in other SEGA cabinets such as Daytona 2 and Outrun 2. Thanks!

    Wanted: Sega Super GT high resolution pics or scans

    Hello there. I am trying to restore a Sega Super GT single sitdown cab, but I am having trouble finding high resolution pictures online. Does anyone here own the machine? I could use some hi-res pictures of both side arts and the marquee. A friend of mine who is a professional will do the...

    WTB: R-Type Leo manual / art set

    Hi I'm looking for genuine R-Type Leo manual / art set (pop up, flyer, how to play sheet, etc). Thanks

    Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness CPS2 cartridge label

    Hello there. I was looking for a high resolution Cyberbots label, because mine was looking tatty. Since I couldn't find one online, I decided to replicate it as close as I could. It's not perfect, but I believe it to be a nice replacement if your board has a damaged label (or if you made a...

    Positive feedback: Darksoft

    Just passing by to say I had a very pleasing, swift and crystal clear deal done with Mr. @Darksoft, and I highly recommend him. My PCB came very well packed all the way from Poland to Brazil, and arrived safely right into my collection. Thanks!

    CPS1 question: Mercs? Three Wonders? HELP!

    Hey there. A friend of mine bought a CPS1 sold "as is" from some guy, and was told it was a Strider PCB. Upon further inspection, after having received the board, we decided to dump a few EPROMs and some of them had 3 Wonders data. Most others, perhaps from being exposed to sunlight for a...

    Data East ARM6 hardware: conversion info?

    It's me again, with another conversion thread! :thumbup: Has anyone attempted do convert Data East ARM6 hardware games? This board has only 6 games (according to Captain America and The Avengers Dragon Gun Fighter's History Locked'N Loaded / Gun Hard Night Slashers...

    Irem question: converting Gunforce into Blade Master, R-Type Leo, Hook or In The Hunt

    Hello there. A friend of mine offered me a Gunforce PCB, it uses the famous Irem M92 hardware. I found out that it IS possible to convert it into another M92 game, but I haven't found a place with all the necessary information. Does anyone know, for sure, if I can convert it into R-Type Leo...

    [Price Check]: Capcom IO board, Crude Buster (Data East)

    Hey there, can anyone give me a heads up on how much these items are worth? - Crude Buster (Data East) - Jamma board in great condition, but with a tiny nick on the Jamma edge and one feet mounting hole broke off. Please see pictures attached. - CAPCOM JVS I/O board for JVS systems (Naomi...