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  1. Hadouken Arcade

    Vewlix amp audio jack part number

    Hello, Does anybody know the part number for this audio jack? I have several amps that need a replacement. I tried to source the part a while ago but had no luck. Worst case I'll just solder something... any direction is appreciated
  2. Hadouken Arcade

    Hadouken Arcade Vewlix sale thread

    Hello, I imported a container full of Vewlix last year and have some that I need to sell. Every cabinets will be checked. I'll be using STI logistics for shipping To give an idea of the condition, I'll try my best to provide as much as information. Vewlix F #1 (click me) - $1700 with...
  3. Hadouken Arcade

    Hello from Seattle

    Hello AP, I realized I've never formally introduced myself. I grew up in Korea and moved to US after graduating high school back in 2004. I was so used to the sit-down play style and had hard time adapting the US style arcade cabinet. I lost interest in the arcade games since then until mid...
  4. Hadouken Arcade

    Preorder HOLD: Bracket to replace Taito Vewlix monitor

    There has been a major design change. I'll hold any preorder until I get the new design validated.
  5. Hadouken Arcade

    Universal joystick mount plate for Vewlix and Chewlix

    Hello, I have designed two type of joystick mount brackets. These brackets will let you mount Sanwa JLF and Seimitsu (LS-32, LS-40, LS-56 and etc) and Crown joysticks. I used KOWAL flat plate as a reference. Original design There are two variation: S shape (same as Taito stock) and Flat...
  6. Hadouken Arcade

    Universal monitor bracket for Vewlix

    Batch #3 Rev. C is ready to order. Update for Rev. C Center area of the main bracket has been cutout to accommodate monitors with un-removable monitor stand neck. Monitor compatibility list has been updated. List (Click) Main posting
  7. Hadouken Arcade

    [Price Check] How much is Vewlix F Marquee?

    Not every cabinet came with a marquee with my import. I wanted to get a rough idea of how much the official marquee goes. Yes, it glows. I gotta say, the light sure looks sexy. 8o