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  1. imbord3rlin3

    [FS] MVS carts and kits + motherboards

    still have that mv1a?
  2. imbord3rlin3

    WTT my Esprade E.S.P. PCB

    a loose copy of TSS is much closer to the trade value of esprade than a full kit. i bought mine loose for 650 USD and saw another one sell since for the same price. to the right person, TSS for esprade is a even deal. if i didnt already have esprade, i would have traded u my TSS for it in a...
  3. imbord3rlin3

    WTT my Esprade E.S.P. PCB

    I second what DJ Sheep says. I paid 800 for my Esprade pcb back in July of this year. Batrider is at least double that , probly around 2k now. If ur looking for batrider, good luck bro. Ill bookmark this thread and let u know if one pops up. Get ready to add at least 1000 usd to that pcb trade tho.
  4. imbord3rlin3

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Im gonna be trying vga to component this weekend with the tink 5x and the splitfire. Ill see how that goes. I got an ossc on the way either way, but itl be interesting to see how it fares.
  5. imbord3rlin3

    Fs: Cps3, Namco sys 1, Q-25

    Is the system 1 still on hold?
  6. imbord3rlin3

    WTB Splitfire or betsu

    lol perfect timing! thank u!
  7. imbord3rlin3

    WTB Splitfire or betsu

    Im trying to start streaming arcade hardware for fun. Looking for a spitfire but ill take a betsu too. Help a brotha out.
  8. imbord3rlin3

    WTB: Genpei Toumaden PCB

    It wouldn't let me bid. I get the price is too high or something for my first time. Thanks for looking out tho! It's truly appreciated!
  9. imbord3rlin3

    Best Voltage Settings For These Games

    thanks for clarifying., i still got alot to learn
  10. imbord3rlin3

    Best Voltage Settings For These Games

    just realize when you adjust your 5v, ur adjusting your 12v as well. keep that in mind when you are making adjustments. for example, if a board is running at 5v on the 5 volt but 12.5 on the 12v, u def wanna lower it. the boards have decent tolerances so u can run most boards on 4.8 volts and...
  11. imbord3rlin3

    For sale:CPS1 capcom C board

    pm incoming
  12. imbord3rlin3

    Sega Astro City - Restored

    lmfao can i get 2 of these?!
  13. imbord3rlin3

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    im ready to pounce on this like a rabid hyena. ive been wanting to stream arcade hardware since i started the hobby. im super excited.
  14. imbord3rlin3

    FS/FT - Nintendo Playchoice 10 MB/Games/panel/parts

    do u still have that playchoice 10 mobo?
  15. imbord3rlin3

    Sega System 16B multi kit installation & support

    pm incoming for that glorious system 16 multi!!!!
  16. imbord3rlin3

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Ill take 2! 1 for streaming and 1 to potentially blow up my retrotink 5x for science. Should i PM u now for payment?
  17. imbord3rlin3

    TAITO G-NET CF to SD Adapter?

    i use an insignia NS-DCR30D3K. seems to only want to write to sandisk cards tho.
  18. imbord3rlin3

    Irem Hook Brand New with original box Serial Number Double marching

    dont worry bro. i got more multi's to buy. ill pay ur rent