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  1. MrTanuki

    Original Xbox Custom Front Panel

    Here is a replacement front panel for the Original Xbox. Designed it for a build im currently doing. I will post finished pics real soon of it installed on a custom xbox. Its a bit finicky to print just because the clips are so small and delicate. if you need any tips on getting a successful...
  2. MrTanuki

    Sega Dreamcast Lid Badge Replacements - Various Designs

    Here are some random lid trim or badge replacements I was messing around with for the Sega Dreamcast. Thought some of you may enjoy or it may give others ideas. My favorite thing to do with them was print and then cast them, but they look good just sanded and painted as well...
  3. MrTanuki

    Atomiswave Feet / Bracket Cover Designs - WIP

    Here are some random feet designs I was messing around with for some of my Atomiswave console builds. I still need to put the holes in bottom for lock screw.
  4. MrTanuki

    Atomiswave Cart Shell- Has anyone made a model yet? If not I will

    Hey everyone, like the title states is their an existing design/3d model for an Atomsiwave pcb shell? I was about to begin designing one when I figured I should probably see if its been done already, in an effort to not waste time. If it hasn't, Ill try to knock it out in the next day or so and...
  5. MrTanuki

    FS: MVS-1A with 4.0 Unibios - MVS Carts - BBS VGA16 MVS Scan Doubler

    I have the following items for sale, prices include shipping within USA. For outside of USA please PM for shipping quote. SOLD -MVS 1A with 4.0 unibios- tested and plays great-135 SOLD -Shock Troopers 2 MVS with shockbox -135 Soccer Brawl MVS with shockbox -100 (authentic) SOLD -Ironclad MVS...
  6. MrTanuki

    First attempt at consolizing - Atomiswave

    Here is my first attempt at consolizing. Almost done with it. There is a top lid that is missing from the picture, as well as a badge. Both are currently coated in primer and awaiting paint. I wanted to make a modular setup that I could swap to another Atomiswave if anything where to happen...
  7. MrTanuki

    Small board on Atomiswave mobo?

    just received an atomiswave. Began taking it apart to clean up and noticed a small board jumpered to the motherboard in various locations. Any ideas what this board is? My other atomiswave did not have it from what I recall.
  8. MrTanuki

    Hello From Orange County Cali!

    Hey Everyone, I am new to the forum and also pretty new to the arcade scene in general. I am a huge retro gamer and collect a bit of everything. I have been building cars and motorcycles most of my life so the electrical knowledge has really come in handy with my dive into arcades. During the...