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  1. erzane

    New type of volume pot by Sanwa

    Hi everyones, I've find this new type of volume pot inside the Sanwa catalogue and as I can see, they replaced the 3 pin arms by a JST header. This pot looks really cool. I'd like to replace the pot of my New Astros PSU and Id like to know if it will fit and also if the voltage is compatible...
  2. erzane

    Selling some original control panels

    Hi there, I'm selling these control panels : Sega Virtua Fighter 3 original 1 player : 75$ Astro legit Seimitsu 1 player with original overlay made under license from Sega (not sure about the manufacture year but as I know in 2011 they already existed). Overlay has grain effect. I bought...
  3. erzane

    Galvanisation process on 400-5198-01X PSU

    Hi there, I was planning to repaint my New Astro's PSU but I suddenly heard about a galvanisation process used to cover these kind of shells sheltering some electronics and exposed to constant heat. I heard they are usually covered with a specific film which gives a black color to the shell...
  4. erzane

    Need help to identify some connectors

    Hi there, The smaller PCB from that New Astro PSU does have two - I guess AMP UP - headers. Can you help me to identify them, to get their references? I'd also need the proper connectors for their housing. Thanks!
  5. erzane

    Cleaning inside a PSU

    Id like to clean both PCBs. Can I just put some degreaser on the whole and leave all components to get washed or maybe should I remove some of them before? If yes, is it a company who can undo/redo and clean them proper?
  6. erzane

    How to remove a sticker?

    Id to reproduce the input/output sticker that I didn't succeed to scan entirely. Can I put the whole shell into the water one night to get that sticker off? Maybe is it delicate and all the writings will come off with it?
  7. erzane

    How to remove that pot

    Hi there, Please how to remove that pot housing? Thank you
  8. erzane

    Sanwa 1L6B Panel - Unpopulated

    Hi there, Do anyone already order this control panel recently? It says out of stock but possible to make an order. I have no reply from Akishop since a long time. They are still active but quite periodicaly. Maybe do you have one like this? ... sanwa-1l6b...
  9. erzane repro stickers

    I've received the stickers from William Liu ( and I'm quite satisfied with the quality of his stickers. I was looking for the main sticker (Sega phone number sticker which was made to phone Sega in the case the gamecenter owner wanted more cabs) and have made a lot of...
  10. erzane

    What's happened to INH Group? (resolved)

  11. erzane


    Hi guys, I don't know where to post this. I found these sticks on an INH booklet from ''The Aces High''. Do somebody knows which brand are these sticks? Maybe a place where it's possible to buy it? I never have seen this kind of plate and ball colour before nor by Seimitsu, nor by Sanwa. The...
  12. erzane

    Rounded sticker

    Hi there, I found this sticker on an INH booklet from ''The Aces High''. Seems to be a crew sticker. I like these kinf od japanese fan stickers. Do somebody know who made this sticker? Maybe a place where it's possible to buy it? In fact, I always liked these kind of stickers who looks to be...
  13. erzane

    Looking for that service plug

    Hi there, I'm looking for that New Astro service plug. in good shape. Mine broke one of its wing. It's an EDK (AC-T09) AC 100V - MAX 10A - 421-7850 Thank you
  14. erzane

    New Astro PSU project

    Since the New Astro and Astro PSU are difficult to restore (there is no painting on this PSU, so they are rusty, and no way to remove the rust until we paint it, but I don't think painting it is a good idea since the heat can be an issue for the painting), I'm looking for a japanese company who...
  15. erzane

    Credits stickers

    Since I want to add a credit button on the bezel of my cab, I'm looking for some ''credits'' stickers written in japanese. Maybe some guys like Tadashi Hiya already did some. This is the kind of stickers I'm looking for. Thanks
  16. erzane

    New Astro sticker

    I'm looking for someone who reproduced this sticker Thanks
  17. erzane

    NAC wiring

    Hi there! I made a shema for the New Astros wiring, this can serve for all user, but have to be checked before to be sure all is correct (controls and rapid fire are personalised for my own use). Here is a bigger file for a better view ...
  18. erzane


    Does anybody knows if ''Ikaru'' (a guy living in Japan) is still on arcades? Since ''Arcade-System'' is over, I didn't see him on any forums. Thanks!
  19. erzane

    Control panel

    I won that 1 player CP on yahoo a few weeks ago and was a bit disapointed when I finally got it since I discovered it's a repro. It was expensive regarding its so bad condition. I paid it more than 350$ but the seller didn't specified that's a repro, he only wrote it's refurbished. A bad seller...
  20. erzane

    New Astro metal box

    Do somebody knows how to open that steel box? I'd like to remove the counter. I see two lightly moving parts coming out the back and maybe the assembly lines also represented in red... I don't know. I'm on it since a few days but I didn't find any ways to open it. Thanks!!