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  1. MegaMan

    WTB: Dynamo hs-5 cabinet

    Hi, Looking for a dynamo hs-5 cabinet in pretty nice condition with or without a game and artwork. The marquee size needs to be around 25.5” x 7 3/4. I can get a shipper depending on how far away it is. PM me if anyone has one. Thank you!
  2. MegaMan

    Found: Cps2 A board

    Thanks a lot!
  3. MegaMan

    Cps2 Case problem

    Hi, This is probably the biggest noob problem ever but I’m having a problem with taking the case off of my Cps2 b board. I’ve taken all four screws out of the bottom and when I go to pop the case off I can only get the top side closest to the label popped off. The bottom half of the case will...
  4. MegaMan

    First arcade PCB!

    I finally got my first arcade PCB and it is a CPS1 Rockman the Power Battle complete with original artwork. After two years of looking I finally decided on this board. I was originally looking for an English or European board (and still am) but I decided to get this one because it had original...
  5. MegaMan

    Pokemon 20th Anniversary Booster Box CP6 Sealed

    Hi, I have a sealed Pokemon 20th Anniversary CP6 Booster Box that I have had for a while and I am thinking about selling it. I bought it when it was first released in 2016 and kept it sealed since then. The value ranges from around $2,500 to $3,000 and I'm looking to get around $2,700 for it. I...
  6. MegaMan

    WTB: eco fighters

    Hi, I have a list of CPS1 and CPS2 games I’ve been looking for and one of the games is an all original eco fighters. If anyone has one and would like to part with it please let me know. Some other games I’m looking for: MegaMan the Power Battle MegaMan the Power Fighters Any test market or...
  7. MegaMan

    WTB: MegaMan the Power Battle/fighters

    Hi, I am looking to buy anything MegaMan the Power Battle or Power Fighters related. This includes boards from any region, artwork, rental boards and test location boards. Thanks :)
  8. MegaMan

    Game Hunting

    Hi, I have been looking to complete a collection of the MegaMan arcade games and am not having much luck. The only place I’m looking is eBay and it’s been more than a year and still not one has come up for sale. Are there any other places I can look to find games like this? Thanks.
  9. MegaMan

    CPS1 graphics error

    Hi, I know someone who is selling this MegaMan the power Battle board and Im not sure what’s wrong with it or how to fix it. There are lines going horizontal across the screen and there is no background. The audio seems to be good but I’m new to arcades and am not sure where the problem is in...
  10. MegaMan

    Rockman 2 The Power Fighters

    Hi, I am fairly new to arcades and I recently picked up this Rockman the power battle board from an old friend who has had it in storage for 15 years. He doesn’t even know if it works because he doesn’t have a cabinet and only the B board is there. I was pretty lucky to get this game because I...