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  1. dexster

    WTB - Loewe VGA input card for crt

    Hi i realise it is a bit of a long shot but... as per title looking for a VGA card to suits a Loewe 8784zp if you have one send me a pm cheers,
  2. dexster

    Are Taito FX-1B conversions possible?

    As per title just wondering if it is possible... more specifically is converting raystorm to g-darius v2 possible ? Or is it just easier to get a g-net unit?
  3. dexster

    Case options (with fan) for cps1 boards...

    hi i noticed the a board got quite hot playing final fight... and having a fan moving some air over the boards (like the cps2) would definitely help with cooling (and hopefully longevity too) just wanting to know if there are any cps1 case options available with a fan? cheers, john...
  4. dexster

    SOLD: PGM v14 Gold motherboard with stereo mod

    As per title selling my GC8TECH modded v14 PGM motherboard. Cost $220aud Selling for $180aud including postage Australia wide will post overseas at whatever the cost of postage is.
  5. dexster

    Interest check for smaller cps2 sticker...

    with the cps2 multi a sticker is provided for the larger cut out (it is a little colourful but it is growing on me) however as we are aware on the b-board there is a cut out for a smaller sticker... i was thinking something like 'CPS' with 'II' in the background in the white yellow and blue...
  6. dexster

    What is the 'correct' speed for CPS1 motherboards and games ?

    As per title, is a list available what states what games run at which speed? my final fight cps1 a boards is 10mhz, and since it is a early(ish) cps1 release 10mhz seems correct. but does this mean hyper fighting (a later cps1 release) should be running on a 12mhz a board? which then begs the...