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  1. Goros_lair

    Cps2 black marvel vs capcom repair /pheonix

    Is anyone out here able to reprogram the sim for my mvc black board to bring it back to life ? It suicided but doesn’t have the regular EPROMs for for me to burn lmk thanks !!
  2. Goros_lair

    Wtb sega system 32 stuff

    This is a long shot but I’m looking for a io board I can use for sega sonic the hedgehog and also a second system 32 motherboard .anyone has any leads feel free to shoot me a message ✌🏻
  3. Goros_lair

    Wtb various plexi marquees

    Hey all I just opened a shop and I have a arcade area currently populated with KI , MK2+ and MK4 - I decided I wanted to hang as many cool arcade plexi marquees I can find in that spot , there’s a bunch of capcom games ans fighting games I’d love to get artwork for - if anyone has some for sale...
  4. Goros_lair

    Suicided cps2 b boards

    Looking for suicided b boards any time after the next week or so I should be good to pick up a few more if anyone has any for sale ✌🏻
  5. Goros_lair

    WTB :Sega model 2b pcb cage /enclosure

    Looking for a sega model 2 metal enclosure , I feel a lot better housing this sonic the fighters in one of those rather than just standing on pcb legs if anyone has a spare model 2b cage or even a non working board with a cage ud like to sell let me know thanks !
  6. Goros_lair

    WTB - blue cps2 b boards / cps3 / zN1 rom boards

    I’m looking to buy various blue cps2 b boards mega man - darkstalkers - xmanvs street fighter aliens vs predator dungeons and dragons to name a few & Ive Been killing myself for letting go of my cps3 a couple years back so I’m hoping to find someone with one that still has the metal shield...
  7. Goros_lair

    - [FOUND] STV golden axe : the duel —

    Looking to buy one of these stv carts if anyone has one available shoot me a message thanks 🙏
  8. Goros_lair

    WTB - sonic championship/ sonic the fighters

    If anyone has this game for sale (even if it’s a conversion with or without move card or any art i will happy buy it ! - Pretty sure this game is not jamma ready I would be happy to find a conversion adaptor for it as well - any info getting me closer to securing this game would be massively...
  9. Goros_lair

    Working Primal rage pbc WTB

    Looking for a Ready to play primal rage board Holler if you have one for sale maybe we can strike a deal !!!! Thanks alot :)
  10. Goros_lair

    WTB: cps2 megaman or rockman

    Looking for the cps2 board for megaman 2 the power fighters the blue usa board is my ultimate goal but i think i would still be down with another region board if any happen to surface
  11. Goros_lair

    neo25 candy cab cpo graphics

    im working on restoring a neo25 candy cab for now i have generic capcom cpo but id really like a neo 25 one with no button labels because i have a panel with a 6 button layout if anyone can help out much thanks let me know [/url]
  12. Goros_lair

    Arcade monitor help !!!

    hello everyone if you can help me out itd be much appriciated. Okay i threw a 27inch crt in my z back thats ready for mvc2 everything worked fine with my other crt . Now its as if the image was cut in half and u swapped the pieces aroumd and kinda overlapped them a bit ive never had this...
  13. Goros_lair

    Wanted mortal kombat 4 working pcb

    i jist got a mk4 cab to complete my mk collection and i dont have the mk4 pcb anyone looking to trade sell or trade and sell let me know please youd make one mk collector very happy !
  14. Goros_lair

    SOLD Full cps3 setup 3rd strike for sale

    i have a original cps3 mother board in metal shell,with disc drive and all cords Street fighter 3rd strike USA version with original battery still working with disc and one extra memory chip game still in cps3 shipping box if interested pm me and j can emailbyou photos of what i have the...
  15. Goros_lair

    SOLD :3rd strike cps3

    i have a 3rd strike game disc in original case with the security cart with oricinal working battery . Still has capcom seal on side of cart Thisset is mint cart disc and 1 cps3 memorystick is with them as well . This is not a revived 3rd strike this is the original eith an original working...
  16. Goros_lair

    Guns or gun shells for beast busters second nightmare

    i posted about wanted these on another board but i just thought maybe someone could 3d print replacement shells of the guns for this game the handles on mine were broken off any thoughts ?
  17. Goros_lair

    Guns or gun shells for beast busters second nightmare

    hello everyone im gooking for guns or gun shells for this game any info would be awesome thans a bunch the handles on mine are broken off the guns