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  1. dewmansnk

    Astro City Mini - Hardware Modifications

    Documenting potential hardware modification ideas for the Astro City Mini and other mini variants. Using this thread to get input on design and feasibility. Project Idea - Use the Astro City Mini to mirror the display from a real arcade cabinet. The real arcade will have a JAMMA inline PCB...
  2. dewmansnk

    Positive feedback for quadratic

    I bought an E3 IL panel off @quadratic - great communication, fast shipping, really reasonable price on a super rare item. The IL panel was double boxed and wrapped in foam, very well protected and arrived in perfect shape.
  3. dewmansnk

    Super Neo 29 type 2 restore

    Recently purchased a Super Neo 29 type 2 off a good friend and will use this thread to document the work on restoring it. To start I need to break into this thing as I didn't get any keys with it. Luckily there are no locks on the main PCB door, the coin door or the coin box. There is one...
  4. dewmansnk

    FS: AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB [Batch 2 - FOR SALE]

    Finished my batch of AWSD power supply interface PCBs. These boards screw directly to the Meanwell QP-150-3A and provide the same power pin-out as found on the stock power supply in the AWSD. This allows for a direct drop in replacement of the AWSD power supply using the Meanwell QP-150-3A and...
  5. dewmansnk

    WTB - AWSD Monitor Upgrade (Toshiba PF/Sanwa PFX)

    Want to take my AWSD to the next level and put a new monitor in it. Looking for a tube and chassis, either the Toshiba PF or Sanwa PFX. Realize the rarity of these monitors so willing to pay for the luxury. Let me know if you have a tube/chassis pair or have some good leads on where to get one...
  6. dewmansnk

    Smart Remote Board - MS9

    Problem: Swapping arcade boards requires fiddling with the remote board to dial in 9 settings (Contrast, R gain, B gain G gain, Brightness, H Size, H Posi, V Size, V Posi). This can sometimes involve lifting the bonnet to get the screen size and position set just right. Its not that hard to do...
  7. dewmansnk

    JST brand JAMMA connectors/pins - Parts/Datasheet

    So I have been on the long search for the OEM JAMMA connector that is used on all these candy cabs. The lovely connector that is robust and has removable crimp pins, the one we all know and love. Well after digging the forums to find the correct part number then scouring the Internet to actually...
  8. dewmansnk

    Greetings and gaming

    Hi everyone, Glad to have found such a great forum. I really enjoy the tech and tinkering side of arcade gaming, so this is a perfect fit. Cheers!
  9. dewmansnk

    AWSD Power Supply Interface PCB

    After having the power supply on my AWSD die, and looking into replacement options, it seemed that a nice 4 output Meanwell might be just the ticket. They make a model that is a bit expensive but has all the output one could wish for in an arcade power supply. The QP-150-3A is about $100 but has...