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  1. Anselmo

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    will an adapter like this: VGA TO HDMI work to pass the video onto an El Gato 60s capture card? Or do I need a higher end device like an OSSC?
  2. Anselmo


    That's pretty amazing from KC, considering he has people in his inbox throwing money at him for this cab. He's always been extremely loyal to repeat buyers.
  3. Anselmo

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Anybody else run into issues with adding a credit on a lot of roms? Seems to be only the older pre-jamma roms that won't coin up. Specifically Tetris doesn't coin up to name one, but the issue is across alot of games.
  4. Anselmo

    Need help with Big blue arcade cabinet stock condition

    I think I know what your issue is, I had a similar issue and it was resolved by replacing the RCA stereo wires
  5. Anselmo

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Yo! Thanks for the detailed write up. I ran into another issue, since I configured the mister to use a CRT, now when I plug it in to my PC monitor via hdmi to re run the update script I don't get any picture at all on the screen. It's like it's not outputting any hdmi can't do both...
  6. Anselmo

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Got my expander up and running today, install was pretty straightforward and it just worked right out of the box. The update all script seems to not have uploaded the neo geo cores and cps2 cores, but I was able to play some cps1 titles and some other stuff and it was pretty good. A little...
  7. Anselmo

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Oh man, super sick! Got mine ordered
  8. Anselmo

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Damn, I Need this!!! Asap
  9. Anselmo

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Do we have to be on a list for these or are we going to be able to order through a store front?
  10. Anselmo

    Where does this wire go on an astro city?

    I've been curious about those Yaton Cabs. I was hesitant on those because they were painted, and that is a huge gamble. How does it look? How's the monitor? Post some pics!
  11. Anselmo

    Where does this wire go on an astro city?

    They look like this:
  12. Anselmo

    Where does this wire go on an astro city?

    All those are ground wires. Strange how that one is painted white? Was your cab spray painted? There are ground points at several locations in the cab. Off memory, there's a ground point in the control panel (where I believe that white wire goes) and inside the cab. I can take a picture of my...
  13. Anselmo

    Astro City PSU - what is this burned off piece?

    Thanks for the note - It's a 400-5198-01X model -
  14. Anselmo

    Astro City PSU - what is this burned off piece?

    My friend's Astro was losing a lot of voltage under load, causing his games to not run well. I figured we would start at a recap and go from there. Once we got the PSU out, it was evident that it was problematic. Several caps had cracked solder joints and im sure were not making contact. The...
  15. Anselmo

    WTB: MegaMan the Power Battle/fighters

    The actual cab in that pic is mine :) it's a MVC2 , but right now it has a darksoft kit. It's amazing.
  16. Anselmo

    CPS2 Champion Multi: Instructions and tips (new Version after 10.2020)

    did you make sure to format the card as a FAT32 ? What size GB is the card?
  17. Anselmo

    WTB/T: Astro City 1L6B Panel

    Just PM @alberto1225 , his panels are the best !
  18. Anselmo

    The Definitive Guide to Fixing Your CPS2 Multi Kit

    Question regarding an older Multi board - if the LCD after "programming" the game does not flash the "programming key" message, does that mean it's running the old firmware? I am using the encrypted roll up pack. The screen just stays black, nothing happens!
  19. Anselmo

    Capcom Impress Clean up and Restore Project!

    It's just like day one!