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  1. KinG_SoPa

    SOLD - F/S Nintendo 64 Ultra HDMI HW2

    Hello Everyone, Im selling this extra N64 ultra HDMI HW2 modded that i have, as always i like things to get used, and im not using this one. Comes with the following. - N64 Modded with Ultra HDMI HW2 version. + RGB Analog Ready. - OEM Nintendo Power Supply. - Extreme Lime Green Controller...
  2. KinG_SoPa

    SOLD - F/S Hursit CPS2 metal case

    Hello everyone, Im sadly selling the Hursit metal case, when i did the hdmi mod on my darksoft cps2 multi i attempted to do the HDMI cut out and unfortunately i got extremely busy and never finished it. Case is in good condition minus that ugly hdmi cut out attempt. Yes it comes with the...
  3. KinG_SoPa

    WTB - EEFL lamp for Vewlix FC control panel.

    Hello, im looking for the light lamp for the Vewlix control panel, if anyone converted to LED or just have a spare and wanna sell me the lamp please let me know. I would REALLY APPRECIATE it. Thanks.
  4. KinG_SoPa

    SOLD-F/S - Vewlix Console i/O V 1

    Hello Everyone, selling a Vewlix Console i/O V1. Like brand new. $25 USD + Shipping. USA Shipping Only.
  5. KinG_SoPa

    F/S - (2) Vewlix LY-1153 Locks

    Hello Everyone, im selling (2) Vewlix LY-1153 Locks. $50 $45USD for both. + Shipping. USA shipping Only.
  6. KinG_SoPa

    SOLD - F/S - Vewlix SEGA I/O Adapter Kit Never been used

    Hello Everyone, selling a Vewlix SEGA I/O Adapter Kit brand new never been used at all. $70 UDS + Shipping. USA Only Shipping.
  7. KinG_SoPa

    SOLD-F/S Taito F3 Lions complete case + Evekten stereo kick

    Hello Everyone, im selling a COMPLETE Lions Taito F3 case Kit plus the Evekten Stereo/kick harness kit. NEVER BEEN USED AT ALL… literally brand new. Ill probably regret it later lol. asking for $125 USD + shipping. USA ONLY.
  8. KinG_SoPa

    Switch SD Card Issue - HELP

    Hello, so i got a 512GB SD card for my switch and i format is to Fat32 but any file above 4gb is “file to large” i use mini tool partition program on windows. is there a way to fix this issue with out formatting it to NSFC? Any help would be great thanks.
  9. KinG_SoPa

    WTB or Trade SNES Mini Jr SHELL

    Hello, im looking for a stock Snes Mini Jr Shell with Power and Reset buttons. or we can trade if your into my Red Painted shell. Mines is in perfect condition.
  10. KinG_SoPa

    F/S Vewlix F Original 2P Panel & a Diamond Black Vewlix Semi gloss 2P panel Repo. (SOLD)

    Hello Everyone, Im selling my Original from taito Vewlix F 2P Panel hardly used but it has a screw pin messed up the screw did not wanna turn anymore when i was taking it off one day and in order to take it off i cut on the joystick plate. Selling it for $250 USD + Shipping, USA Only. (SOLD...
  11. KinG_SoPa

    Ps1 Digital kit Help Please!

    Hello everyone, so i trynna see if someone help a bother out.. I attempted to do the ps1 digital kit install on my own and failed just with that GPU flex cables, as i was bridging alot of pins and the GND and +3.3 V and always bridged ... all the other ones looks good. I dont really have have...
  12. KinG_SoPa

    F/S - NES TopLoader.

    Hello, selling this mint NES TopLoader, brings everything you see. NES is stock, controller has a led mod. $125 $110 usd + shipping cost. USA Only.
  13. KinG_SoPa

    FS - soldddd GBA Everdrive X5 (never been used)

    Hello, Im selling my brand new GBA everdrive X5. Like an idiot i put the box in the garbage area and it got thrown out yesterday (so mad) :( . Price is = $105 $90 including shipping USA ONLY. first PM come first PM served. SOLD FOR $80
  14. KinG_SoPa

    FS - Jammaizer // FS- N64 Controller

    Hello Everyone, Im selling my NEVER BEEN USED Jammaizer. I been playing all my retro console on my OLED so i never got around to using the jammaizer so instead of having it collecting dust i like things to be used. Selling it for $200 includes shipping USA ONLY. (SOLD) Jammaizer comes with =...
  15. KinG_SoPa

    Cps2 A board question

    Hello, quick question is the European A board compatible with a USA B board or Japan B board?
  16. KinG_SoPa

    (SOLD) - F/S Capcom I/O for the Naomi with wires and manual

    Hello Everyone, Im selling my Capcom I/O i think its a V2 hard to tell. Is a clean capcom I/O i always take care of my stuff. They are going for like $200 on eBay so of course the forum always gets first dips. CAPCOM I/O = $180 WITH FREE SHIPPING IN USA ONLY. (SOLD) first comes first served...
  17. KinG_SoPa

    (SOLD) - F/S - HAS V4 with psu, Jamma Extender, CPS2 i/O

    Hello Everyone, As much as it breaks my heart I'm selling these few items. I like stuff to be used and now that i have a Vewlix diamond black i don't really use these items so its best they go to a nice home. Also, these items been used maybe 2 times. (1) BUNDLE - HAS V4 with HAPP PSU, CPS2...
  18. KinG_SoPa

    WTB - Taito coins for Vewlix

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has a handful of these Taito game coins that they would like to sell so i can use with my Vewlix. i seen them online but they only sell them by bulk of ALOT and i only need enough to fill up my Taito Ashtray. If anyone have extras they would like to sell please...
  19. KinG_SoPa

    WTB - N64 console - Smoke Grey Color

    Hello, if anyone has a N64 smoke grey color console that wants to sell it please let me know. thanks in advance.
  20. KinG_SoPa

    FS - HAS 3.2V-((SOLD))

    Hello Everyone, I already own a HAS V4 and no longer need this HAS 3.2V with that said i would like to give the opportunity to someone else to give it some use. Im offering this HAS 3.2v with a cps2 kick harness + power cable for $100 USD free shipping in the USA. If its international then it...