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  1. streetfighterken

    Game Saru arcade imports thread - 3-4 month hiatus (still selling)

    I run a bar and I shit you not, the BIGGEST stressor for the last 6 months has been finding plastic cups. All my usual don't-even-think-about-it suppliers are dry so it's literally googling and calling up weird hole in the wall places. It's insane.
  2. streetfighterken

    [SOLD]: Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (UMK3) pcb

    Use Facebook groups more often. My WTB post landed me one for $275 recently.
  3. streetfighterken

    Astro City panel mount spinners?

    @rewrite what's this punch tool you're referring to?
  4. streetfighterken

    Razing Storm Hard Drive Woes

    What's wrong with TC5? I've never played it.
  5. streetfighterken

    Razing Storm Hard Drive Woes

    Fellow owner here. Following in case mine ever goes. Perhaps Namco still supports it?
  6. streetfighterken

    FS: Namco Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited System 369 for spare parts

    1) Replace power supply (from any PS3... slim I think?) 2) Might need new dongles (Mitsurugi can help with that)
  7. streetfighterken

    WTB: Smash TV, NARC, or The Grid PCB

    Far more likely to find a NARC cab than just the pcb set. And the button layout is how it should be played anyway.
  8. streetfighterken

    WTB: Gunbird 2 & Tengai with bad audio.

    I have a Tengai with high pitch squeal. I can live with it, but not ideal. Not for sale, but super interested in a solution. I changed caps but did not fix.
  9. streetfighterken

    WTB - Initial D Zero, Pair

    Feel free to provide leads, except for Game Saru, Snow Phoenix, Anthony C, or KC as I've already contacted them.
  10. streetfighterken

    FOUND: Wayne Gretzky 3D hockey pcb

    I had the whole dedicated cabinet at one point early in the hobby ($400). I destroyed it for MAME and sold the PCB. I don't do stuff like that anymore.
  11. streetfighterken

    WTB: SegaSonic & Irritating Maze

    Looking for kits that are complete enough to be trackball ready.
  12. streetfighterken

    The Irritating Maze Pinout Information

    So what's the minimum setup for Irritating Maze? Can I just make a custom harness to support the trackball and be done? Or is it more involved? Special BIOS?
  13. streetfighterken

    Does Virtua Tennis 3 support 4 players?

    No one is interested in playing doubles?
  14. streetfighterken

    Does Virtua Tennis 3 support 4 players?

    Anyone know?
  15. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    Correct (I think). I also noticed two identical save folders in the save partition. One folder is in the root and the other is in [game name]. The autoboot toggle cycles thru TWO paths to the game. One with a backslash in front of the game name, and one without. But you only see the second path...
  16. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    I’ve discovered the issue is autoboot + patches ON. The settings are always default when autobooting. But manually launching the game from menu loads the correct saved settings.
  17. streetfighterken

    A Freeware Taito TypeX2 Multigame.

    KOFXIII Climax not saving settings. Help.
  18. streetfighterken

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)

    WTB: Sega I/O (jamma edge)
  19. streetfighterken

    GS Containers: New listings, Vewlix DIA, PRas 3, Rhythm, etc.

    Wonder when the price cops will stop with the "I can find candies for $800 all day long" and "I paid $500 for mine. Just gotta keep an eye out." This is turning into a seller's market fast.