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  1. nnap

    In this thread we build the projects that others have shared - Sat2Neo (Saturn2DB15)

    I did use the ports from a Sega 6 player adapter. I bought the cheapest I could find off ebay and used those ports. The extension cords from ali are just garbage.
  2. nnap

    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    did a quick check and duponts should work. For the analogue inputs you are looking for a 26 pin 2 row dupont. On the 60-pin digital input you only need GND & P1 START, so single pin duponts will work.
  3. nnap

    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    you might be able to get away with Dupont connectors but I have not tested them yet.
  4. nnap

    Xed and Mirko repro Monkeyball banana and harness

    JST RAs are almost impossible to find these days. I was able to order some directly form JST but not the ones needed for normal I/O. There is a seller on YAJ that offers them but he will not deal with proxies.
  5. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    Congratulations on the Banana and all the hard work you put into this project. I am super happy that this thread inspired you guys to go all this way!
  6. nnap

    Strange Capcom CPS-1/1.5 “Family” consolised system with custom carts? or on a proxy System seems to be 1271 USD, a bit cheaper if you provide the CPS1 Mobo. Includes 3 games...
  7. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    sanding/filling/painting was a pain but a resin print might be too brittle for arcade use.
  8. nnap

    Need help to identify some connectors

    Yes, they are AMP UP. I have these connectors with pins. Can send you some if you still need them.
  9. nnap

    Swiss Arcade

  10. nnap

    Monkey Ball Panel Reproduction

    Nice! good luck with the build!
  11. nnap

    Namco system 1 eprom chip identification / type

    on my pacmania, RAM1 was at L3. Same as described here: I relaced mine with a 62256-70 for now as I did not have a 6264-70 in stock. It seems to work but I still ordered a 6264-70 to replace it with the correct one...
  12. nnap

    Nicest way of removing glue from a reworked PCB

    the orange stuff is Goo Gone, also pretty oily :)
  13. nnap

    CPS2 (Grey) - blank screen

    I had a similar issue on a single board cps2. The culprit on mine was the DL-1827 with loose pins. Pressing down on it would boot the game. As it is on the B-Board you can easily press down on it when you decase the b-board. Probably not your issue but easy enough to quickly test.
  14. nnap

    Naomi universal main switch problem

    I had the same issue when I had the cab on a power strip with switch. The life-saving switch does not like it when you flick the switch slowly. Try to flip it as quick as possible.
  15. nnap

    In this thread we build the projects that others have shared

    Excellent work on those cases! I also did a from scratch design for the minigun and went through a similar amount of test prints. If you want to swtich your 3d modelling software, have a look at Fusion 360. I do all my models with it and it is free to use for private projects.
  16. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Panel

    updated the first post with reference numbers for the buttons.
  17. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Panel

    reach out to Alberto, he can adjust the cutouts in the panel for other buttons. Maybe he can work something out for the Egret 2.
  18. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Panel

    thanks skate, your post really triggered this build. I am waiting for some RGB stripes to put them near the speakers and wire them up on the I/O. Should be fun.
  19. nnap

    Rhythm Tengoku Panel

    the buttons are quite expensive but I was able to buy them without the LEDs. That brought the price down by about 7 USD per button which is a lot. Then I just installed normal 5V LEDs. The sockets in the buttons can handle up to 30V.