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  1. 98pacecar

    Safe to run Blast City power supply with no 12v load?

    I'm working up a way to power my Mister setup directly from the power supply in my blast, but if I do that it will mean that the 12v line on the power supply is left with no load. In quick bursts of testing, this seems to not cause any issues but wasn't sure if the power supply would survive...
  2. 98pacecar

    Wtb: JST RA-3411 Connector

    Looking for a source for a single JST RA 34 pin connector and pins to use with a Blast IO. I’ve found them in bulk, but just need one housing and 30 some odd pins. All the usual sources seem to be out of stock. Is there a good source out there?
  3. 98pacecar

    MK1 Sound Board Repair

    Finally sat down and looked at the dead sound board I got with my previous MK1 main board. Out of the gate, it had no signs of life at all. All the boards I got out of this lot had a lot of corrosion and rust, so I expected the same here. Visual inspection showed that the GAL on the board was...
  4. 98pacecar

    Cap leak cleanup - pad won’t take solder

    I’m working through a dead MK1 sound board. Pulled the 3 caps that power the amp and found some minor leaking. Cleaned it up, doused it in flux, but I can’t get the top pads to take any solder. They are fairly heavy traces, so I bumped my temp to 750 from 650, but still no luck. Any tricks to...
  5. 98pacecar

    Mortal Kombat 1 - DOA

    I had picked up a dead MK1 board a long time ago, with the intention of parting it out. It gave me a blank screen and showed no signs of activity, but it did have the Kombo board add-on so it was worth grabbing. I got bored over the weekend and started to look a bit more closely. Noticed the...
  6. 98pacecar

    Raiden repair

    Got a raiden board that I was told was completely dead and covered in coke. When I tested it, I found no video, but if I tapped on the HB-41 custom responsible for sound, I’d periodically get some game sounds. Touched up a few questionable solder points under the board and audio came back. Got...
  7. 98pacecar

    Neoloch shut down

    Anybody that’s been on the fence about buying the Neoloch ram tester should jump on it now. The guy running Neoloch has posted on his site that he’s done. A couple of vendors still have the core unit and blades available. Well worth the cost if you don’t have a way to test ram. Mine has already...
  8. 98pacecar

    Positive for Bagheera369!

    Bought a X360 to Jamma adaptor from him. Went perfectly and he even threw in some yummy yummy pumpkin pie custard (though I suspect that requires local pickup)! You need to buy from him!!
  9. 98pacecar

    Raiden 2 - Bad Video Ground?

    I've got a Raiden 2 board that has a generally poor picture, typical of what it looks like with a bad video ground. I dropped it on my bench and temporarily jumped video ground to ground at the end of the edge and the pic cleaned up and looked perfect. My question is does Raiden require the...
  10. 98pacecar

    Writing an SD Card on a Mac - The Easy Way Without Windows

    I've seen a number of times that folks have had issues making an SD card when using a Mac. I just did 2 of them tonight and have an easy process down that worked first time, both times. Before you do the actual format, make ABSOLUTE sure you are formatting the proper device. If you screw up and...
  11. 98pacecar

    SOLVED! Bonanza Bros - Not booting and Japanese Error Screen

    I've started to dig into my project Bonanza Bros cab and have done all of the basic checks. The screen I'm getting is indicating a board issue of some sort, but I'm hoping someone here has seen this before and can maybe guide me in where to start with checking. It's odd that the characters seem...
  12. 98pacecar

    System 24 desuicide and conversions: all games decrypted and patched

    I just got a suicided bonanza Bros setup (floppy based) that I’d like to restore. Do you still need someone with a board to test your patched roms?
  13. 98pacecar

    Any PGM Conversion info out there?

    I've been spending a little bit of time looking for info on how to convert PGM games to the 3 Cave titles that run on the dedicated boards, but so far haven't turned anything up. I know there's a guy that does them, but it looks like it might be a fun conversion to try my hand at. Is the info...
  14. 98pacecar

    WTB: Dangun Feveron, Espgaluda 1/2, or other Cave PCB

    As the subject says, looking to add a Cave pcb to my rotation. Prefer Dangun Feveron or one of the Espgaludas, but open to anything I can get.
  15. 98pacecar

    Chihiro with regular Dimm?

    Is it possible to use a regular Naomi Dimm in the place of a net Dimm on a Chihiro type 1? I've got a Crazy Taxi 2 I want to keep running, but want it's net Dimm for a net booted Naomi setup I'm building. I'm guessing the firmware of the regular Dimm would be the only issue?
  16. 98pacecar

    Sd card image available?

    Got one of the multi carts from Paradise today, but it didnt ship with an sd card. Hoping theres a prebuilt image i can just drop on a card. Any help will be much appreciated.
  17. 98pacecar

    Sega ST-V Supercap - Required?

    I'm working through a batch of project boards i got from a friend and ran across an ST-V setup. Noticed it has a supercap on it and was wondering if the board will work with it removed. Hate for it to leak and kill the mobo. I'm not worried about losing settings or anything like that.
  18. 98pacecar

    Anybody doing a CPS2 Multi Marquee/Bezel?

    I'm putting the last few touches on a CPS2 multi setup in a Dynamo HS-9 and would love to have a nice marquee and bezel to highlight the fact that it's a multi CPS2. I've seen the case stickers, but nothing for cabinet art yet. Anybody working on this or already have it? Maybe something like...
  19. 98pacecar

    Reset pin location

    I'm in the process of installing the reset pin, but I've noticed that the manual shows pin B28 of CN1, but the picture in the info thread here shows pin B21. It's easy enough to swap, but I wanted to verify which it should be before I power the board up again.