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  1. Sp33dFr34k

    Someone in Europe who needs sth from Digikey

    Not much luck finding 0603 33M resistors, I figured maybe someone here can help me aquire a few (+-20) of these? I can only find them @ digikey, but it's getting a bit expensive with shipping from the USA...
  2. Sp33dFr34k

    RGB amp (VGA to JAMMA)

    I needed an RGB amp for upping the voltage levels from VGA to jamma spec. More specifically, I'd like to use it for my Naomi. Been searching for this thing for quite some time. Fortunately, @Arthrimus used a similar amp in his awesome JAMMAizer and he was willing to share his schematic for the...
  3. Sp33dFr34k

    WTB DOA2 cart Naomi

    Looking for a Naomi motherboard + Capcom IO for a friend. Cartridge games also welcome, DOA2 + GGX. EU members only please. Thanks.
  4. Sp33dFr34k

    [FS] CPS2 green shell

    For sale, a CPS2 green shell, SFZ2A. No cracks, no dents, complete with screws and caps. €25 excluding shipping.
  5. Sp33dFr34k

    [FS] Windjammers MVS - SOLD

    Windjammers MVS cart, minor label damage other than that good condition. Price: €100 excluding shipping
  6. Sp33dFr34k

    Raspberry Pi Jamma - RPI2JAMMA by aje_fr

    Anyone willing to split with their RPI2Jamma made by aje_fr, please let me know :D Thanks!
  7. Sp33dFr34k

    Ultimarc Monitor Video Amplifier issue (amplified VGA to MS9)

    Currently I have the VGA connector wired straight to the connector of the Nanao MS9 monitor in my NAC. Because a Naomi has standard VGA output, meaning less than 1v output on the RGB lines, the picture looks dull and not very vibrant. So I thought I had a brilliant idea by amplifying the Naomi...
  8. Sp33dFr34k

    Gamecube JAP Orange / GCDual HDMI / Boxed GB Player / WASP

    I bought this one from quadratic here on AP some time ago, I'm quite fond of the special color, but decided to keep my childhood Gamecube which I've HDMI modded myself. - Gamecube (JP), orange - Official controller, orange - Game Boy Player (JP), orange (complete in box) - Official power supply...
  9. Sp33dFr34k

    Microsoft Original Xbox High Definition HD AV Component Cable

    As per title :)
  10. Sp33dFr34k

    Looking for US resident

    Hey guys, Looking for a US resident who'd like to become my shipping buddy (mainly to avoid import fees). The other way around I can help ship stuff from Europe. Let me know should you be interested, thanks :thumbsup:
  11. Sp33dFr34k

    [FS] SaturnPSU

    I have just one of these SaturnPSU's for sale, assembled by @Frank_fjs Using one myself and I'm quite pleased with it. This one has been tested, works perfectly fine. Like Frank mentioned in the corresponding topic, these do NOT power 9v drives found in the Saturn Type A/B consoles, the rest...
  12. Sp33dFr34k

    Positive feedback for quadratic

    Fast shipping, everything packaged really securely in bubblewrap, items exactly as described. Nice guy to deal with, thanks.
  13. Sp33dFr34k

    Neo Geo MV-1C issue

    Hi guys, I have a MV-1C here with a weird issue. First of all, it runs a Neobiosmasta with Unibios 4.0. When I boot it up all is well (hardware test failed, but I guess that is due to not having a battery). Coinup doesn't work, you can use the coin chute or button 5 and you can hear the credit...
  14. Sp33dFr34k

    [FS] New Astro City Marquee (backlit)

    I have a few marquees left for the Sega New Astro City (and NAC2), needed 1 for myself but that wasn't really worth it financially so I did a batch of 10 instead and decided to sell the remaining ones. They have been printed on glossy backlit polyester of a decent weight, very high quality...
  15. Sp33dFr34k

    CPS2 games/bits

    I have for sale some CPS2 bits, please read carefully. Prices exclude shipping, I'm located in the Netherlands, message me for a shipping quote. 1. CPS2 B board Asian, formerly had the DS Multi installed, whoever installed it did a great job messing up the housing. It does come including the...
  16. Sp33dFr34k

    Taito JVS IO HELP

    Hi guys, I have one of these Taito JVS IO's here with a cap ripped off on C8. Can anyone tell me the value of this cap please? Thanks :)
  17. Sp33dFr34k

    IPTorrents invite

    If it's against the rules, then please delete.. I was wondering if anybody here has an IPTorrents invite for me, has been a long time since I've used torrents but have a nice Docker container with VPN setup now which I'd like to try out :) Thanks!
  18. Sp33dFr34k

    Japanese games and merchandise (Club Nintendo stuff)

    I've just created a lot of eBay auctions for JAP stuff, all starting from €1. If there's anything you're interested in, let me know and we can arrange something outside of eBay as long as there are no bids. Happy bidding, or just message me :)
  19. Sp33dFr34k

    EK Water Blocks EK-FC1080 for reference GTX1080

    I have a completely new and sealed copper watercooling block lying around for the GTX1080. Bought it a while ago when I thought I was going to buy a standard GTX1080, but ended up purchasing one with a ready-installed WC block. So this one can go. Probably only interesting within Europe due to...
  20. Sp33dFr34k

    Neo Geo MV-1F

    MV-1F for sale, board looks perfectly clean, 1 trace on the jamma connector has been repaired, it's the outer ground one, so nothing special. This version has quite some options as you may know, DB15 ports, stereo and headphones header, mono/stereo switch, etc. It has the battery mod installed...