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  1. BSwordsman

    Monitor showing green, clicking and shutting on/off?

    Hey peeps, I was looking to pick up a game this weekend and the seller mentioned it had gotten wet back in March. When powering on the game would play blind and the monitor would power cycle and shoot off the green gun. I was told a cap kit would fix it or if I can take it to a repair shop. Any...
  2. BSwordsman

    Sammy Atomiswave Candy Cab price check?

    Hey peeps, Any idea how much a Sammy Atomiswave candy cab would go for without a monitor?
  3. BSwordsman

    WTB: Neo-Geo AES

    I'm shopping around at the moment. If you're selling one let me know!
  4. BSwordsman

    WTB: Sega Blast, Sega Astro, or Taito Egret (Southern California)

    Title says it all. Looking for either one of those cabs. Feel free to DM with photos, I’m interested in picking one up.