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    Recommended MeanWell PSU that does JVS Power Output (12/5/3.3VDC)

    Anyone got a good one to recommend that can handle most modern JVS boards (Naomi/246)? I can't seem to find a good one that does all 3 outputs and has a decent amperage. Thanks!
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    FS: Arcade Board Clear Out (Chihiro, Sega Parts, CPS2)

    Selling off parts of my collection. Available only to USA/Canada at this time. Prices either include or don't include shopping, see listing for info: Chihiro Games/Parts House of the Dead 3 GD-Rom & Security Pic - 200$ Shipped Crazy Taxi High Roller GD-Rom & Security Pic - 150$ Shipped SOLD...
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    Replacement 246B Memory Card Ribbon cable

    I broke mine after disassembling the unit and I believe I can just use a normal PS2 ribbon cable. Is that the case? Do I need a special one?
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    System 246B has yellow screen

    The colors on this unit are very washed out and the screen is tinted very yellow. It's not the monitor or cable, I tried a 256 and it looks fine on the monitor. Any suggestions on where to start looking to fix?
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    Undumped version of 19XX?

    I got this board in a trade recently but I haven't seen this sticker before. It looks like a location test version but I cannot find a room date that matches this one but I didn't look very far. Anyone got any info? I'm not very familiar with this game.
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    WTB: CPS2 Chips to convert SSF2 (Asia) to SSF2T (Or X)

    Can anyone on here make some roms for me to convert an Asia (Grey) CPS2 board from Regular Super SSF2 to either ST or X, whichever is the FGC standard?
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    Replacement Line EMF Filter for Sega Naomi Cabinet

    My cabinet has a bad Line EMF Filter for its incoming 120VAC: What's a good replacement to drop in?
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    Changing SSF2 to SSF2T

    Is it possible to do a rom swap with a new challengers board and make it a ST?
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    Namco JAMMA Adapter Kick Harness connector?

    Anyone know what the official part name is for these connectors? I know it looks like a Floppy disk power connector and is 10 pins...
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    For Sale: Arcade Carts, GD-Roms, Parts...

    All for sale for price + Shipping. Prefer USA only at this point, will ship via UPS or FEDEX currently. I am open to trades or price haggling, just PM if interested. I am going to add more in time, I am looking to slim down my collection a tiny bit. Will update thread with new stuff (GD-Rom...
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    FS: Dead CPS2 A Board USA

    Dead USA CPS2 A Board. Boots to wavy screen with I think is a blue box. Was really dirty but tried my best to clean it up to get it working again but it looks like its good for just parts. Jamma Edge / RCA Ports are a bit rough. I'll clean up the case as well and can ship whenever. 25$ +...
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    Price Check:

    How much does a Darkstalkers 1 usa B board go for that has an undamned Infinikey and about 5/10 on the plastic shell and missing label.
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    CPS2 Boots to scrambled graphics & coin counter cycling

    I bought a dead battery CPS2 B board and installed an infinikey to revive it. However, it only boots to scrambled graphics then cycles the coin counter over and over for around 1-2 minutes, then stops. I've tried pushing down on all major chips while it was running and I made sure the...
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    System 256 full disassembly

    Does anyone have any resources or a guide/video on how to fully disassemble a 256 board? I got a really dirty one and I need to clean it up and scrub the rust off the metal housing. Specifically, how do you undo the metal bolts that hold the base system together.
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    Sanwa 29E31S Chassis not attached to frame

    I've come into the possession of a Sanwa 29E31S that I plan to put in a Net City but the Chassis isn't attached to the frame of the monitor. I believe this was pulled from a Star Wars Podracer. Has anyone else seen this before? I can't see where to attach the Chassis to the frame... Any...
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    Getting Error 01 on Akatsuki Denkou Senki Cart

    Anyone know why I'm getting this error? I got multi bios
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    Will a Wei-ya M3192D fit into a Net City?

    Is the mounting bracket compatible? Will I need a new bezel?
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    Convert Strikers 1945 II (PS3V1) to Fallen Angels: Can it be done?

    I have the opportunity to get a Strikers 1945 II PCB and I was wondering how difficult it is to convert it to the worlds best fighting game, Fallen Angels. Is this even possible?
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    Samurai Shodown V Perfect on real hardware?

    I know the collection is out today and I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to rip it from the PC version and try on an Emulator? If it works there then it should work on real hardware right? I know it's a new game but it's currently free on Epic game store. I only advocate doing this if...
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    WTB: NetDIMM ZeroKey PICs

    I'm in need of 2 NetDIMM ZeroKey PICs, anyone got 2 they could sell?