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    [SOLD] GARO + psu

    As per subject I am selling a garo in mint conditions + the psu 60usd + shipping (shipping from New Zealand) cheers Fabio
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    [SOLD]- HAS v3 + cables and cps1 kick harness

    Hi Guys As per title I'm selling this great piece of hardware + some accessories HAS v3 in mint conditions Cps1 kick harness 8pin mini DIN -> Scart (male) made by retrogaming accessories 8pin mini DIN -> 8pin mini Din ( connects HAS to a Framemeister without using a Scart adapter) 8pin mini...
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    Super famicom 1-chip

    Hi There I'm looking for a 1-chip super famicom. Any 1-chip model will do Please let me know if you have one up for sale Thanks a lot Fabio