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  1. imbord3rlin3

    WTB Splitfire or betsu

    Im trying to start streaming arcade hardware for fun. Looking for a spitfire but ill take a betsu too. Help a brotha out.
  2. imbord3rlin3

    WTB NAC power supply

    WTB NAC power supply 400-5261. paypal ready.
  3. imbord3rlin3

    NAC 400-5261 power supply keeps popping fuse

    yesterday i recieved a wire to go from rca to the NAC stereo amp in. i pluged up the speakers to the OUT of the amp, the end of the stereo cord into the stereo IN, and connected my jamma harness to raiden fighters 1 properly. i have the everten stereo mod on the board and have tested it with a...
  4. imbord3rlin3

    ISO: ESPRADE and taito g net UPDATE: found both

    looking to buy esp[rade pcb and a taitio g net board with multi card