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    Battle Garegga graphical fault

    My pcb has had this fault for years now. Everything else, to the best of my knowledge, is fine. On a blank / black screen, the text bleeds to the top of the screen. It’s only visible on level transitions and, boot and rizing splash screen. Has anyone else encountered this issue? Voltages are...
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    Taito F2 motherboard (or game + mobo)

    I fancy picking up some more F2 stuff, but the motherboards are so thin on ground just now :( long or short will do. I need it shipped to the UK. If you have something, please let me know what you’re after.
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    CPS2 crackle fix halp

    Apologies in advance, I was warned that this wasn’t easy and now it’s going to be harder :( 2 of the solder pads have been lifted when a friend tried to do the fix for me. One isn’t used, but the other is. I’ll post a pic, but the trace has been scratched back, so a wire could be attached. Is...