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    SNK vs Capcom SvC Chaos D button not working

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question or if this has come up before but I got a SvC Chaos JAMMA board and when I hook it up and turn on my cabinet everything works great but the D button does not work. A,B, and C work great but no D button. Is there something I'm missing ?
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    Cps3 region difference help

    Hello all, I recently bought a Street Fighter 3 New Generation set up and when I turned it on to play it It said it was Asia version. When I look at it I can't tell the difference from the American version I have hardware wise. What makes one set up different from the other regionally?
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    Hello from southern California

    Hello, I just want to introduce myself and say I have been monitoring this sight for a little while now. I have recently really got into cps3 and it seems most roads lead to this site. I really enjoy this site which has a lot of knowledge for Capcom games. I really started collecting games with...