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  1. DrunkAkuma

    Custom palette support possible?

    when will the file be updated to have the original Color pallets on characters but have PAL modded stages? I am totally fine with Wild berry or EX but others that come over to play get wrinkles on the their noses & foreheads in disapprovement X( of the epic super and EX colors etc.
  2. DrunkAkuma

    S>Windy Gaming ATP-300 Supergun with PS3/X360 undamned decoders and all cords etc

    Selling my Windy Gaming ATP-300 Supergun with jamma & kickharness connections, comes with scart adapter, composite cable with and S-Video on the side, power cables for Europe sockets and one for US sockets also ( not in picture ) 2 Neo Geo AES extension cables that goes between Super gun and...
  3. DrunkAkuma

    ATP 300 Supergun

    OK thanks @And One for solving all my issues, switching to Dip 2 down & taking Dip 1 up on UD2ATP board made another kick button appear, and after some tinkering i could unscrew the plastic holding down the USB cable out and Start & select cables and then i could pull it far enough to connect...
  4. DrunkAkuma

    ATP 300 Supergun

    Right i forgot about that yeah they have 2 pins now that you mention it. I don't, there is no way to connect the kick harness its just an expansion I/O Cart port and another expansion port and some VGA port and a CN3 with 10 pins.
  5. DrunkAkuma

    ATP 300 Supergun

    Hey, i have a Windy Gaming ATP 300 with 2x UD2ATP with 2 USB PS3/360 Game Tech Decoders and 2x neo geo extension cords, that i have owned some years now prior to getting better at arcade stuff. My question is if anyone know how the hell to get all the buttons to work when connecting it to a...
  6. DrunkAkuma

    Universal JAMMA versus kit

    I am interested in one of these versus kits when they are redy for sure
  7. DrunkAkuma


    does the Kit come with a SD card and the necessary files or is that the buyers responsibility to track down? , asking for a friend that will probably write to you once his account gets approved to get whole kit. im just more technical when it comes to arcade stuff.
  8. DrunkAkuma

    NGDEV - What are they thinking?

    Hey, i got a copy of Kraut Buster that i have for sale at 641.33 Euros excluding shipping ( 6600 Sek ) on a Swedish selling site, i can link it here so you can see the pictures and see my posetive score with other sellers and buyers to judge on your own if you wanna do business with me. I will...