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  1. Starcade

    Sega JVS type 2 I/O PCB

    Thanks for the reply. That is the I/O I need but I am no longer searching for one.
  2. Starcade

    Namco 369 Supergun setup question

    Sega I/O type A and B work fine with the a 369
  3. Starcade

    WTB: Jaleco City Connection PCB

    There was a bootleg board on EBay for an absolute age for less than a tenth of the price. I was seeing it constantly in searches. Appears to have sold now though.
  4. Starcade

    Sega JVS type 2 I/O PCB

    If anyone has one spare to sell I could be interested in buying one.
  5. Starcade

    Naomi Virtua / Dynamic Golf related

    Hello, I am looking for anything Virtua Golf or Dynamic Golf related. Let me know if you have anything.
  6. Starcade

    Looking for a part - Sega blast city, not sure what it’s called

    I suspect he’s looking for the billboard cover because they are not easy to find.
  7. Starcade

    Looking for a part - Sega blast city, not sure what it’s called

    Is it the full transparent plexi glass surround you are looking for or the marquee that holds the art work in place? This is an example of the art work holder...
  8. Starcade

    Sega Blast City Power Supply 7.5a fuse

    Hi, I have one spare. I bought a set of the fuses off Yaton and he wasn’t cheap, unfortunately. I’m located in the UK so you would need to factor in overseas postage also. PM if interested.
  9. Starcade

    Naomi CF Kit and DIMM Conversion Services

    Apologies, was reading the thread but no idea how that message got there.
  10. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    I wouldn’t say that one seller is dictating the price of Netdimm parts but he has lots of them, doesn’t appear to be selling any and I won’t be buying them. I think this seller is on EBay too, similar price and similar numbers for sale. Worth about $40 or $50 max. Similar thing happened when...
  11. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    Thanks for looking, but that’s not far off the price of a complete net Dimm. Had a feeling it was going to be heading in that direction so did not want to register.
  12. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    Thanks for the link. Do you know how much these are please (do you have an account)? Don’t want to register for an account if they are asking over the odds for them.
  13. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    For the exclusion of doubt, the board I need is shown in the photo (and boards with or without the SCSI port).
  14. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    Thanks for the reply but those are communication boards (I think).
  15. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    Correct, the network board.
  16. Starcade

    Naomi Netdimm top board

    I am looking for working top boards from a Naomi Netdimm board please if anyone has some where the main board has stopped working.
  17. Starcade

    Tekken 2 Ver B. Capacitor Replacement

    It’s a 100uf capacitor rated for 6V. I wouldn’t try to replace it unless you’re a soldering expert. I would replace it with a standard radial capacitor with the legs bent outward at the base of the capacitor and snipped off to the correct length. I would then solder it to the pads on the PCB. It...
  18. Starcade

    Tekken 6 I/O cable

    Ok, so I managed to wire up the 10 way connector (had one of these in my spares) in the first photo but unable to find anything suitable for the 7 way male connector in the second photo. That connector housing is going to be a challenge to find.