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    Seibu board supergun set up

    I know there’s a good older thread here getting the right crt to run some of these Seibu boards, but I’m just seeing if there are any options or set ups to get them working with an lcd. I have a pretty decent 4:3 eizo flexscan 2133 monitor so seeing if I there are any options. Currently I’ve...
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    R-type Leo sprite fix / case

    Picked up a r-type Leo wasn’t showing sprites and thanks to checking here and a few places I ended up loosening one of the board screws which seemed to settle the connectors between the two boards and sort it. Bit awkward these double boards just thinking of a good way to store it or maybe help...
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    2P Simpsons 12c rom check issue

    Hi - Have a 2p simpsons PCB which was working ok (apart from no sound through the jamma) - went into the settings changed the sound to stereo then it has got stuck on a 12c Bad rom error, reversing the screen stuck in loop. Read about trying hold test on startup, no joy so far. Appreciate...