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  1. BigSchmid

    MiSTer questions

    Looking to play a MiSTer on my new Mini Cute repro for CPS and CPS 2 games. Curious if I were to throw in an LCD screen in the Cute, would I still need the MiSTercade Jamma extender or can I get away with not having that because it's a more modern screen running off the MiSTer? I'm also curious...
  2. BigSchmid

    Bezel artwork/decals?

    Curious - been seeing a lot of cabs that have either photo stock artwork or decals of some sort on the black bezel surrounding the screens and I was curious about this. Is it a Japanese arcade trend? Is it a normal thing? Are there decals/artwork available out there for this stuff, either repro...
  3. BigSchmid

    Aime reader panels

    Can they ever be reproduced? Too intricate? Saw one sell today on FB, loved the look of it and wondered what everyone thought about them and their availability in the future. Cheers.
  4. BigSchmid

    Noir hosting a TTX3?

    If I'm looking to put a TTX3 unit inside a Noir and use the JVS port on the TTX3 for my IO, what sort of IO do I need to get? The Jamma edged Sega IO won't work right? Thoughts?
  5. BigSchmid

    Mini Cute Marquee Artwork?

    I know there are fantastic marquees being made and sold on the forum and I'm very curious about a Mini Cute marquee myself but was curious - I've never actually seen someone with artwork in that marquee. Does someone have a handle on what it looks like, where I might find artwork/scans or...