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  1. Gamesmonkey

    Positive feedback for Trol

    Bought a System 16 ROM board with Shinobi on it. Works great. Great packaging and fast delivery. Cheers Justin
  2. Gamesmonkey

    FS: Pcb's, Naomi stuff, Time Crisis 4 gun

    PM for System 16 Shinobi rom board .
  3. Gamesmonkey

    Afterburner 2 Free play roms?

    I only have OutRun and Afterburner pcbs, no actual cabinets. He was happy send me the files for a small donation. I made a donation to the brain tumor charity which he supports with the little money he has received for his hard work.
  4. Gamesmonkey

    Dumb question for Turbo Outrun

    Hi all, I have two working Outrun board sets and would like to convert one to Turbo Outrun. So far I have followed the upgraded guide and have burned the necessary Roms. The problem I have is the guide says 1M eproms for the Video board, but the sockets only accept 28pin eproms. I can't seem...
  5. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Aaaaaahhhhh :( I thought I was done with this Outrun board set, but now have developed a fault where the road stops bending?? Anybody have any ideas I am thinking of logic in the road section? Cheers Justin
  6. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Many thanks, Apocalypse for the advice. After hunting around I found a bad LS173 replacing this restored the sound completely. Cheers Justin
  7. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Hi Ok I have replaced the RAMs in the sound section and now have partial sound. Is my 315-5218 dead? Distorted sound Cheers Justin
  8. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Hi To follow this up the RAM was bad so I replaced all four RAMS with sockets and now the game runs fine. However, there is a new problem of no sound. when first powering up the board you can hear a very rough scratchy sound and then nothing. So far I have checked the 315-5218 Sega chip and...
  9. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Many thanks for all of the help. I will let you all know how I get on when the RAM arrives. Cheers Justin
  10. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Many thanks I have ordered some MB8416A-15L-SK Cheers Justin
  11. Gamesmonkey

    Outrun help

    Hi all, I have an Outrun pcb with this sort of screen corruption. So I grabbed the mem test roms and burned them and put them in and got this. I believe these are the RAM chips at the locations IC20, IC21, IC38, IC39? So my question is where can I get some TMM2115BP-10 ram or what would be...
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    Hi sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately this boardset is not what I need for the project I have in mind. Thank you for the information and good luck with the sale Cheers Justin
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    PM for OutRun.
  14. Gamesmonkey

    Positive feedback for GC8TECH

    Bought two sets of caps and volume wheels for IGS PGM motherboard. Works great and fast delivery. Cheers Justin
  15. Gamesmonkey

    Replacement PGM "Wheel" volume pots (For Sale)

    Hi could I please take two sets if they are still available. Thanks
  16. Gamesmonkey

    PGM single game PCB interest check

    2 sets for me please. Thanks Justin
  17. Gamesmonkey

    Official: CPS1 (CPS1.5) Multi by Darksoft/Apocalypse - Interest Check Thread

    Please put me down for 1 multi. Thanks
  18. Gamesmonkey

    CPS1 C Boards - Multi Compatible

    Please put me on the end of this very long list for 1 multi. Thanks
  19. Gamesmonkey

    Positive Feedback for nonosto

    Purchased Sega system 16 Tetris in lovely condition and was packed very well. Many Thanks
  20. Gamesmonkey

    [WTS] SEGA System 16 B TETRIS complet

    I will take it please if it's still available. Thanks Justin