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  1. Metal Slug

    Tube FQ’d? - broken socket

    I noticed a little glass chip come off the very end a tube after removing a neckboard that looked kind of like this. The tube still works fine. I was just extra gentile when re-attaching the neckboard.
  2. Metal Slug

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I take that back... the changes dont seem to save currently for me, If I re-boot they go back to default. Currently, on the most recent beta CAVE core build DDP defaults to HARD RANK... I am not good enough for that!
  3. Metal Slug

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    Not the MiSTer menu (F12) but the PCB service menu. I could not access the menu to change attract mode sounds, difficulty, etc.
  4. Metal Slug

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I just wanted to post to confirm that you can run a hub with the Jamma Expander and it will work. I use the MakerSpot Micro USB hub. It plugs directy into the MiSTer and the Expander plugs into it via a USB extension cable (normal female to male cable, I need to buy a shorter one now.) This way...
  5. Metal Slug

    Irken (MiSTer) JAMMA Expander

    I got mine! I am very happy with it. I do wish it had a USB connector on it so I could connect a wifi dongle though. But, it was a mostly straight forward simple setup. I am happy to have a clean mister solution for my cabs finally! One issue that I ran into that confused me is that I didnt...
  6. Metal Slug

    Very persistent and hard to fix (maybe impossible?) Purity issue

    Just go to Home depot and buy a pack of magnets, I think they cost $4. A speaker magnet is probably far stronger then what you need, and you can only use one side. Do not use a degausing wand at the back of the tube. I think you will be surprised what difference a small magnet placed on the...
  7. Metal Slug

    Very persistent and hard to fix (maybe impossible?) Purity issue

    Try placing a magnet on the metal strap around the outside of the tube? Sometimes all it takes is a small Neodymium magnet to fix stubborn purity. (What side is placed up/down will make a difference.)
  8. Metal Slug

    [FS] US Cyvern, The Outfoxies, G-Net Cards, MVS Carts (Twinkle Star Sprites, Viewpoint, more), Cave Artwork

    Is that definitely a Raiden II board? The PCB layout looks like a Raiden DX with the 4 program ROMs. I thought all Raiden II PCBs had only 2 program ROMs. I'd gladly buy a Raiden DX for $200!
  9. Metal Slug

    Where does this wire go on an astro city?

    My guess is this would be from Yaton as well. The normally stainless steel kick plate looks to be painted white too?
  10. Metal Slug

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    HAhaha! Opening a box using a Cave CV1000 board like a baller...
  11. Metal Slug

    NOS WG D9400 - no picture

    Those have a CGA/VGA breakout board on the back, make sure the input cable is connected to the correct port corresponding to your output (in your case top right connector marked VGA) i found this image posted on another site:
  12. Metal Slug

    Dolphin blue cartridge It's currently for trade, down under too!
  13. Metal Slug

    Nanao MS9 "blooming"? help

    I think most MS9s I have seen have some bloom on an all white/bright screen. When you did your recap, did you replace the large filter cap (the 1000uf 200v at C911?) I have read about failing filter caps sometimes causing problems like this. Most cap kits sold do not include filter caps.
  14. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I did a quick test with a CAVE CV1000 PCB and you are correct, there is no sound when using the Extractor.
  15. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    I too have received my second revision Jamma Extractor. I am seeing the same issue that Kingcar has documented. The image on my cab with the extractor is too dark now. I have to crank the adjustment knob all the way up to make it brighter (but at max it is still not as bright as without the...
  16. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    This is great! Thank you.
  17. Metal Slug

    WTB : Astro/New Astro part LEG ADJ BRKT

    I bought one from Yaton through facebook a little bit ago. It took forever in shipping, and it had been painted white for some reason, a lot of his parts are re-painted poorly, but a little paint stripper and polish, and it came out well.
  18. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    After doing some more testing, surprisingly MVS Neo-Geo is the only system I have found that isn't as obviously too bright. MVS looks OK using the extractor. Almost everything else I tested was too bright. I have tested CPS2, IGS PGM, Atomiswave, Taito G-Net, and a Raiden Jamma board, and they...
  19. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    Its not a matter of turning down the RGB ADJ or adjusting my monitor on my arcade cabinet unfortunately, I am loosing details with the image being too bright. When I adjust the RGB ADJ on the extractor or the brightness on my monitor the image just looks dingy and washed out. I do not regain the...
  20. Metal Slug

    Axun Workshop - JAMMA Extractor (JAMMA Capture/Streaming Adapter)

    No, when the extractor is connected the output to both the SCART and the JAMMA is too bright. I have not tested the RGBS connection yet, but I am assuming it would be too bright also. (I will test RGBS tomorrow.)