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  1. ChuChu Flamingo

    (FS) CPS2: Alien Vs. Predator , Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, A Boards

    Referencing gameboardsoc1234 doesn't mean shit, especially since they are buy it nows too. Guys prices are always inflated on top of him being a bad seller. Just google him. Buyer beware on him.
  2. ChuChu Flamingo

    Escarioth's Aluminum Cases

    Are you still making a CPS1 case?
  3. ChuChu Flamingo

    Axun Workshop - Arcade PSU (Power Supply Unit)

    No pictures of the insides or oscilloscope readings of how it performs under load? These two things are very important.
  4. ChuChu Flamingo

    CPS2 strange glitch problem

    I would try reseating the roms on the B-board.
  5. ChuChu Flamingo

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    If both don't show good results you might be doing it wrong, your cps2 A-board might need recapping (I have one board here that has dimer video than my others), chassis need recapping, or your tube just has a lot of hours. The later might just need a tube cleaning on the guns but this is the...
  6. ChuChu Flamingo

    Arcade Monitor calibration guides

    On my Egret 2 I used emphatics guide to calibrate. Got decent results. Got better results with the arcadeotakus guide on my Nanao MS9. What brad808 said is true. Every chassis+crt combo is a little different. A lot of these guides are general guidelines not exact formulas for maximizing...
  7. ChuChu Flamingo

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Will you still be able to add a voltmeter on it like I asked previously?
  8. ChuChu Flamingo

    Stickers reglue

    + q-tip.
  9. ChuChu Flamingo

    Home Arcade System

    @RGB So I just got a Hyper Neo 64 and have a question about getting stereo from it. Jamma nation list this about these two switches. "To put the Hyper 64 in MVS mode simply flip SW1 to MVS. For MVS 2 channel sound flip SW3 to 2ch/MVS. If you do not flip SW3 to MVS then you will have an MVS...
  10. ChuChu Flamingo

    What's wrong with my Final Fight board? (or, "Help me fix my Final fight board!")

    I would first try electrical contact cleaner/rubbing alcohol. Spray a little and push the switches to the on and off position a few times. Might just be dirty/oxidized.
  11. ChuChu Flamingo

    [SOLVED] Buzzing Sound from Yoke

    Additionally the defaults aren't the same for everyone, especially if the capacitors have not been replaced. On my MS9 the cutoffs line up exactly with what nem stated, right around 9 o clock Just a slight click. Here are two similar but different methodologies I use for calibrating. I got a...
  12. ChuChu Flamingo

    Atomiswave fan replacement

    General consensus if you do something stupid like that is to keep the volume low on the arcade board if sending to a amp/line level device. Less chance of blowing out your amp since the initial signal isn't fully erect. Turn it up at the device, not the other way around. Seems dumb but it is...
  13. ChuChu Flamingo

    Atomiswave fan replacement

    The reason why is that JST output is stereo amplified and not line level. If you connect it to anything line level it will in turn get amplified AGAIN resulting in either your amplifier on your board dying or amp on motherboard dying from overheating. Usually when people connect amplified audio...
  14. ChuChu Flamingo

    NAC Splitfire: JAMMA streaming solution

    Can't see it but your interference might be from not grounding the AC portion of your PSU earth ground. Leaving it floating can cause those types of issues.
  15. ChuChu Flamingo

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    Yeah I figured it out. Just weird it worked the other way when testing (jamma button 6 on extender disabled on has main unit).
  16. ChuChu Flamingo

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    @RGB I seem to have a problem on my HAS jamma extender now with super turbo. If I press P1B6 on the extender to the on position it keeps being triggered. It will go through the title screen like a button is being held down even without a controller plugged it. Going to the test menu also shows...
  17. ChuChu Flamingo

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    Yep it works I just enabled it on the harness and it works. If you don't mind me asking what does the big row of dipswitches do on the back of the has unit?
  18. ChuChu Flamingo

    [FS] JAMMA extension harness

    @RGB Button 6 on CPS2 doesn't seem to work (HK) through the jamma extender on super street fighter 2 turbo gmc. It works fine if I connect it directly to the HAS main unit. I''ve tried holding 2 punch buttons+start and pushing the button 6 times for HK but it doesn't activate on neither my...
  19. ChuChu Flamingo

    Home Arcade System

    Thanks. I'll give it a try.