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  1. hoagtech

    Im looking for a female CPS2 Kick Harness Connector

    I would like to buy a few Female Kick harness connectors so I can make Kick Plug ins off my JAMMA Connector and use it for supported boards too. Does anyone know what the connector type is called and where I can buy them. Or even better, Can you sell me some?
  2. hoagtech

    Gradius IV Repair (First PCB repair)

    My beloved Gradius IV was working fine until the weather changed last spring. And now it wont boot up. On the Checksum it gives the error: 35A BAD!, 32A BAD! After Taking the Top PCB off, I tracked down 35A and 32A which were Cypress Semiconductors listed as SRAM. I googled the Cyprus...
  3. hoagtech

    WTB Gradius 3 Really Really bad

    Title says it. I would love to buy your Gradius 3 PCB. If anyone has OG Gradius I would be interested as well. LMK Thanks
  4. hoagtech

    OSSC --> SCART --> BNC --> RGBs Question for Cute Build

    I'm trying to connect my VGA monitor to JAMMA on the Mini Cute. The connections coming out the back are RGB and Sync, Ground. I tested the monitor through OSSC externally and got a nice image from my Genesis Im trying to connect to the RGBsGr by hacking a male SCART to BNC cable The...
  5. hoagtech

    Mini Cute degauss help

    I finally got my DoDonPachi from @benime and rotated my monitor for the first time on this machine. Its throwing off the colors on the bottom half. Is there a degauss button somewhere I'm missing or do I have the grab the Deguass coil? (I would prefer not to) The two buttons on the inside...
  6. hoagtech

    WTB Sega Aero City Control Panel Upper CP surround AnyONE?

    Im getting bored and now want to turn my Aero City Parts cab into a Minty green lunch room cab. I really need the upper CP 2 piece. I would prefer original but I can work with my local artist to make a custom mint for the River Service panel as well.
  7. hoagtech

    Mini cute monitor flickering

    I'm bad at uploading videos but My Nanao in my Cute is flickering after a recap. Normally I would recap but I didn't want to risk this one so I sent it to Sharp Image Repair. I made the sure the anode and RGBS were fastened securely but I cannot make the flicking screen issue go away...
  8. hoagtech

    *currently out of stock Precision Measuring Devices

    My company just received few of these as swag and they work awesome for measuring capacitors leads and screw sizes. If anyone wants one. Reply here with your usage and I'll mail you one.
  9. hoagtech

    WTB Virtual Boy either pristine or without stand

    I’m looking real hard if anyone has a Virtual Boy they want to sell me. I got the video board finally after a long back order but put off finding the actual console. Either reply here or send me a message. Thanks
  10. hoagtech

    Monitor Test Bench Solution Help.

    I have a few arcade monitors that I would like to test. Mostly my 19" k-7000 and 19" VGA to get ready for some cutes that are going to headed my way, along with a bunch of tube swaps. I have been remounting my monitors to test inside the cabs which feels dangerous and painful. I would like to...
  11. hoagtech

    Lifting Heavy Monitors Thread

    I’m wanting to dive into my Domy 33 but the monitor is so dang heavy I can’t begin attempt to remove the monitor. How are others removing these things without destroying your backs or relying on a helping hand?
  12. hoagtech

    Playchoice 10 replacement buttons

    My kid was playing Contra with his friends and smashed one of my buttons. I’m looking for screw on replacement buttons. The ones from my Dynamo cab are too wide. Does anyone know of a good replacement for PC 10 buttons. And maybe joysticks too. I may want to clear the deck while I’m at it
  13. hoagtech

    * SOLD Mitsubishi Megaview XC3725C 37" CRT Monitor w/ OSSC and Roadie Box $1200

    *SOLD for $1200 w/OSSC and cable hookups Up for sale is my Giant 37" Monitor. It covers all of your 4:3 needs. It has a max resolution of 1280 x 1024 and you can choose your scanline intensity on 15khz sources with the help of the included OSSC. The OSSC comes with the Tendak DAC and D-sub...
  14. hoagtech


    I may be interested in this. Are you in Redondo beach WA or CA? If WA can I please see a pic of the monitor turned on?
  15. hoagtech

    Hello to the interwebs

    Hi. Im RealDecepticonZero. I like Jamma Boards, console gaming, and cabinet restoration.
  16. hoagtech

    What's a good generic weight for an Arcade PCB when making shipping estimates.

    I dont have my Gunforce PCB at work and want to guess what the weight is. I looked up arcade PCB weight and even specific titles and can find a weight on PCBS. What would be a good estimate for weight on Gunforce M92? And I realise every PCB is different but would like a baseline for shipping...
  17. hoagtech

    Add C64 Linx Vison Genesis TurboGrafx Master System SNES & 64

    Please paypal F&F plus shipping costs Commodore 64 with 90 Floppy Disks in Box with controller and FASTLOAD Cartridge, and working Floppy drive - $200 ($250 for C1702 Monitor Combo) This is not a VIC. This is the real deal C64 lot. The box had its own Canada Graphics complete with Maple leaf...
  18. hoagtech

    Seibu Soccer Free Broken PGM

    Paypal F&F plus shipping: ------------------------------- Seibu Soccer (bootleg) Works great. Free with Adcap or $30. ------------------------------- Broken PGM needs SRAM (circled in pic) FREE you pay shipping (on hold) SOLD:
  19. hoagtech

    Reccomendations on mid budget Multi meters.

    My Harbor Freight just popped and reads everything as 1 to the far left. I spent 5 dollars on a coupon and would like to upgrade to one that has finer readings for measuring small battery voltages and High AC current. Does anyone have a suggested brand I could buy?
  20. hoagtech

    Jamma shelf solutions

    I'm looking to buy a couple jamma storage shelves and was wanting to know the best kind for storing them sideways so I could make the most out of my footage. Any recommendations out there or keywords that would get me closer to my goal?