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  1. digitron

    FS - Sigma Arcade Stick w Brook Zero-Pi Board & new LS-32

    Selling my Sigma Super Pro Stick with Brook Zero Pi Board, new LS-32, wiring harnesses, $250 shipped. Xinput - works on PC, MiSTer, and Switch. Includes the original ls-32 and pcb. $250 $200 shipped USA via FedEx.
  2. digitron

    WTB - Sega Ashtray

    Will pay more for genuine JP cigarette residue (JK). Just looking for a Sega Ashtray for a good price, TY :)
  3. digitron

    Sigma Raijin

    Going through my newly acquired Sigma Raijin, what a cool Supergun. Happy to see these old Matsushita switches in the old LS-32's, cleaned them up, ready to roll. I tried to find a manual but its in Japanese not sure if anyone has an English-translated manual anywhere? I was getting ready...
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  5. digitron

    no longer needed

    Looking for the 8 pin din RGB cable and the Jamma harness for this thing, thanks. making my own, thanks
  6. digitron

    [FS] MiSTer IO Board v. 5.6 - $45 shipped with new Noctua 40mm fan installed

    MiSTer IO Board v. 5.6 with Noctua 40mm fan $45 shipped
  7. digitron

    JPAC, $40 shipped (sold)

    Shaved end of VGA cable to fit through the back of my Astro cab, it works great just dont use it anymore. If you need another VGA cable, let me know and I'll throw it in for ya.
  8. digitron

    WTB - x2 Sega 5380 keys

    Found the locks, just need a couple keys, thank you.
  9. digitron

    HAS v4 w/ Arcade Stick, complete setup (sold)

    Selling my HAS v4 w/ HAS Jamma extension, HD15 RGB adapter, Hori arcade stick w/ db15 (ls-32), and Meanwell PSU. Selling as a complete system, ready to go. $375 shipped USA SOLD
  10. digitron

    Positive feedback for Atrac17!

    Atrac17 is the most wonderful person on the Internet, he bought a PCB from me and now he's my best friend. =)
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  12. digitron

    [SOLD] Irem M-92 Gunforce PCB

    $250 shipped SOLD, US only please, thanks. No issues, audio works. PP F&F or you cover the Goods fee.
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  14. digitron

    [FS] Full MiSTer Package (SOLD)

    - DE10 Nano - 5.6 IO Board (noctua fan) - 128MB SDRam - USB WiFi - Anker Powered USB Hub - 256GB SDram on DE10 Nano, 8GB SDram on IO Board Plug and play, works perfectly. $300 + shipping + Paypal fee (2.9%) USA only. SOLD
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  16. digitron

    SOLD - 8BITDO SF30 Pro Bluetooth Controller & Bluetooth Receiver

    Barely used, works great on MiSTer, can be used on a variety of other devices, $45 shipped CONUS SOLD
  17. digitron

    SOLD - Professionally RGH'd Jasper Kronos Xbox 360 w/ 2 TB Samsung SSD

    Professionally modded RGH'd Jasper Kronos (best version, reliable) Xbox 360 w/ Samsung EVO 2 TB SATA III SSD, purple led's, oem component cables, ac adapter, new old stock 360 wireless controller (i opened it from the original package used maybe 8 times) w/ charging cable (requires different...
  18. digitron

    twin cobra c19

    Can someone with a Twin Cobra board please tell me the uF on the cap at C19 right next to the jamma edge? Thanks
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  20. digitron

    WTB Esprade pcb

    Looking to buy Esprade pcb, International version preferred. Ty :) Shoot me a PM!