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  1. Nimmers

    Road of the Sword to Gladiator conversion

    Hey guys, I have an all in one Road of the Sword PCB and I noticed that the "Japan" all in one PCB version of the game has different music from the "China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Spain" PGM Cart version. You can hear it in MAME if you compare "" and "" right...
  2. Nimmers

    Tantalum cap on A board

    Hey all, I recently bought a couple of A boards and I noticed they are both missing a tantalum cap in the audio circuit. Looking closely it looks like that cap might have exploded judging by the repair on the amplifier next to it. This is the third board Ive seen with this repair done and they...
  3. Nimmers

    Rotary Joysticks?

    Hi all, Anyone know if there is a suitable modern replacement for the rotary joysticks found on games like Midnight Resistance and Heavy Barrel? Got myself a Midnight Resistance board and can't find the rotary joysticks for love or money. Cheers!
  4. Nimmers

    Replacement fingerboard for VEGA 9000DX supergun

    Hey guys, I've never been happy with the hand made hacked up fingerboard and I'm sick of having a bunch of random kick harnesses, brightness pots and test buttons hanging off my harness. I got a few of these made if anyone would like one. They are just a fingerboard with: -500ohm pots on the...
  5. Nimmers

    Boardmaster Supergun thread

    Hey all, Anyone out there own one of these monsters? I brought one home from a recent trip to Japan and am enjoying it. For anyone in 240V countries who don't want a stepdown transformer you can swap the powersupply to a Meanwell RT-85A. This power supply fits in perfectly and is a straight...
  6. Nimmers

    CPS1 A board issue

    Anyone know where one would begin to try and fix this CPS1 A Board: Apologies for the poor video quality, I recorded that then put the board away again. You can clearly see my issue though with that missing Ryu sprite. I have swapped the game over and have the same...
  7. Nimmers

    Boardmaster RGB Cable

    Hey guys, I recently picked up a Boardmaster supergun while in Japan that came with a JP21 cable. I am going to rewire it for euroscart and I found the JP21 cable has this 75ohm resistor between the "AV Control" and "Blanking" pins: Does anyone know what this is for and what I should do...
  8. Nimmers

    WTB: CPS2 A board, green or blue (APAC)

    Anyone in Australia or near by have a nice CPS2 A board they would be willing to part with? Looking for something in nice physical condition to go with a beloved green SSF2:X board that is signed by Daigo Umehara himself. Let me know what you have!
  9. Nimmers

    RGB buffering

    Hey all, After watching Bob's interview with @SmokeMonster this week I am prompted to have a look at my Supergun setup. There is a bit of talk here about arcade boards outputting equipment damaging levels of voltage on their RGB lines: My setup is this: Vega9000DX supergun -> Extron 203rxi...
  10. Nimmers

    Corrosion on a CPS2 A board?

    Hey guys, Got this A board with a game recently. The game is in perfect condition but the A board was filthy, Ive given it a good dusting off and replaced the fan but there is a bit of corrosion and the caps that are closest to the fan have a lot of crystallization and I'd say will need...
  11. Nimmers

    *FOUND* WTB: SF2:WW (Australia)

    Hey guys, After a CPS1 SF2:WW PCB. Need one with the original A board and eprom stickers intact if possible. Let me know what you have :)
  12. Nimmers

    WTB: Naomi Zero PIC (Australia)

    Need to grab a couple of these, anyone close by sell them?
  13. Nimmers

    Supergun PSU earthing woes

    Hey all, Looking for some advice on an issue that is driving me crazy. It will take a bit of explaining so bear with me. I recently got a Vega 9000DX. It is much the same as the one depicted here. It's awesome but one day the power supply died and I could not find the exact replacement for the...
  14. Nimmers

    CPS1 daimakaimura conversion

    Hey guys, I'm trying to convert a CPS1 CE board to daimakaimura. It's a board I got from someone else who tried this mod and couldn't make it work. I bought it because I needed a new 12mhz A board for my hyper fighting B and C combo. I figure if I can get daimakaimura going on my spare b and c...
  15. Nimmers

    CPS1 - Dash A board

    Hi all, Looking to buy a CPS1 Dash A board. Either with a game or on its own. Located in Sydney, Australia - happy to pay for shipping from anywhwere. Cheers!
  16. Nimmers

    CPS1 SF2: Hyper Fighting Question

    Any CPS1 gurus here able to help me out with this CPS1 board I got? Image here: Trying to figure out if it's running at its correct speed. I can't find anything definitive but I'm concerned that because its on an older long A board that it might be running slower than...
  17. Nimmers

    Seimitsu Joystick help

    Hey guys, Recently got my first supergun and I'm looking to replace a joystick in it. I have never owned anything with Seimitsu sticks in it before and I can see there are a bunch of different models of the LS-32, like LS-32-01 and LS-32-02 looking here, there are a lot of variants...