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  1. phokkun

    Super Kaneko Nova (NEP-16) - No Sound

    G'day lads, recently snagged a motherboard and it came with a Gals Panic cart. I'm getting absolutely no sound on this at all. Not from the JAMMA edge or from the 4pin stereo connector. It was sold as a working board so something must've happened in transit or we've got a problem between my...
  2. phokkun

    WTB Muchi Muchi Pork PCB (full/partial kit preferred)

    This'll sting but if the spreadsheet is anything to go by I at least know what I'm in for. If you're looking for a trade: I can offer an Ibara full kit (even comes with the B1!) for trade + some cash to cover the difference as well. I’ve posted a wtb on shmups forum as well, I’m TJB over...
  3. phokkun

    FOUND! Chassis for Windy 2 tube (AUS)

    Hi fellas, I'm after any of the following... Toshiba PB-7534 (or any compatible variant, I think there's 2 others) Nanao MS2930 (2931/2933/2934 are fine but prefer a 2930) I know davesarcades currently has 2931's for sale, I have reached out but I would prefer a 2930 or a Toshiba at this...
  4. phokkun

    Nanao MS-2932-S Interference

    Hello! Recently attempted to swap one of these into a Pop'n Music cabinet, Everything looked fine at first (POST and all) until windows booted. I was seeing these light, wiggly lines and specs dancing around the screen, very noticeable on a dark background which is front and center on a game...